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Elizabeth Dole made an unsuccessful attempt at the nomination for United States President in 2000. She currently lives in North Carolina.

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Q: Where does Elizabeth Dole live?
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Who is Elizabeth Dole?

Elizabeth Dole is a senator in US.

What is Elizabeth Dole's husband's name?

Elizabeth Dole's husband's name is Bob Dole.

Did Bob Dole and Elizabeth Dole divorce?

Bob or Robert the same people and Elizabeth Dole did NOT get a divorce.

When did Elizabeth Dole get married?

Elizabeth Hanford married Bob Dole in 1972.

What is Elizabeth Dole's birthday?

Elizabeth Dole was born on July 29, 1936.

When was Elizabeth Dole born?

Elizabeth Dole was born on July 29, 1936.

What is the birth name of Elizabeth Dole?

Elizabeth Dole's birth name is Mary Elizabeth Alexandria Hanford.

What nicknames does Elizabeth Dole go by?

Elizabeth Dole goes by Liddy.

Where did Elizabeth Dole grow up?

Elizabeth Dole grew up in Salisbury, North Carolina.

What was Elizabeth Hanford Dole name at birth?

Elizabeth Hanford Dole's birth name is Mary Elizabeth Hanford.

Does Elizabeth Dole have children?

Elizabeth Dole had no known birth children. She had a step daughter named Robin that she parented with Bob Dole.

Why is Elizabeth Dole famous?

Elizabeth Dole is famous for being a US Senator and for serving in the administrations of President Reagan and Bush. She is also the wife of Bob Dole.