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I do not have access to real-time information on Faber Drive's current residence. It is recommended to check their official social media accounts or contact their management team for the most up-to-date information on their living arrangements.

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Q: Where does Faber drive live now?
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How did Faber drive get their name?

Dave Faber is the guy who STARTED the band. So it was Faber's Drive that started the band.

Is Faber drive from Canada?

Faber Drive is based in British Columbia, Canada.

What is Dave Faber from Faber drive's religion?

He is a Chrisitan

Why did the band 'Faber Drive' split?

Faber Drive is still currently active as a band.

What is Faber drive's lead singers name?

David William Faber

How tall is Dave Faber from Faber Drive?

Dave Faber's height is unknown. Faber Drive is a Canadian rock band and released an album in 2012 entitled Lost in Paradise.

Who are the people from Faber drive?

The people from Faber drive are Dave Faber, Jeremy Liddle, Jordan Pritchett and Andrew Stricko. Hope this answers your question!! ::)

What is the name of Dave Faber from Faber drive's brother?

Jams and Brandt

Does Dave Faber from Faber drive have a wife?

yes her name is Ricarda

What is Dave Faber from Faber drive's middle name?

William. his real name is David William Faber

What was Faber drive's first song?

Second Chance, Sex and Love and 24 Story were Faber Drive's first songs.

When was Faber Drive created?

Faber Drive was created in 2004 in Mission, British Columbia, Canada. The band gained popularity in the mid-2000s with their pop-rock sound and catchy melodies.