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In the Underworld.

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Where did the ferryman of Hades live?

In the Underworld, realm of Hades.

How long did hades live?

Hades is a God, he is immortal. He does not die.

Does Hades live now?

Hades is the God of the Underworld, as a God doesn't exactly 'live'; but I do believe he does exist.

Where does Hades live at?

here after

Where did Hades live?

Hades lived in the underworld, over which he ruled. Hades does NOT live in Tartarus. He lives in the underworld, but only few people know specifically- Like the dead. :)

How long did hades live in the underworld?

Hades is the God of the Underworld. He still resides there.

Did hades and Poseidon live on mount Olympus?

Poseidon had a palace on Olympus, but Hades did not.

Zeus who live on moun t OLYMPOS and his brother HADES who controls the underworld?

Yes, Zeus does live on Mount Olympus and Hades does live in the Underworld, and controls it.

Does Greek god hades live on Mt Olympus?

No, Hades is King of, and dwells in, the Underworld.

Where did hades live today?

The Underworld.

What did Hades live in Greece?

The Underworld.

Where did hades live before the underworld?

Upon the Earth, by the way, the Underworld existed before Hades.

What area of Hades does Cerberus live?

Cerberus is the 3 headed dog that guards the gates of hades.

Where did the Poseidon and hades live?

Hades lived in the Underworld. Poseidon lived with the other Olympians on Mount Olympus.

Why did Persephone marry Hades?

Because she was promised to Hades by her father Zeus. Actually, no. Hades tempted her into eating a pomegranate from the underworld, thus forcing her to stay and live with him.

Why does hades live in the underworld?

Because he is the God of the Underworld.

Where in the underworld did the furies live?

Near the palace of Hades.

Where in the underworld does hades live?

Right under Olympus.

Who does not live on Mt Olympus?

Hades and all the minor gods.

What Greek mythology god did not live on Mt Olympus?


Why did Hades not live on Olympus?

When the world was divided, Zeus got the land, Poseidon got the sea, and Hades got the underworld; therefore he did not live on Olympus because he had to watch over and rule the underworld.

Where did the Greek god Hades live?

Hades lived and ruled the Underworld. Sometimes it is mistaken that he had lived in Tartarus but don't be fooled by that, he lived in the underworld.

Which Greek god did not live on Mount Olympus?

Hades did not live on Mount Olympus althoguh he was a major god who lived and roamed in the Underworld where he ruled. Also Hestia, oldest of the Olympians gave up her seat to the younger Dionyus.

What good friends was Poseidon friends with?

Zeus and Hades were his brothers. He's closer to Zeus, because they both live in Olympus, while Hades lives in the Underworld.

Where do Zeus and Hades live?

Zeus lives on Mt. Olympus with all the rest of the Olympians, but since Hades is in charge of the Underworld that's where he lives. Hope I helped you :)