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Teddy lives in Camelot with his mom, a wood Sprite, and his dad, a sorcerer.

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Q: Where does Teddy live from the magic tree house?
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Who are the characters in the magic tree house?

Jack,Annie,Teddy,Kathleen,and Merlin are the main characters that are in Magic Tree House books.

How old is teddy magic tree house?

Thirteen or ten

What were all the characters in the magic tree house?

Jack and Annie, Teddy and Kathleen, and Merlin.

Do you like magic tree house books?

I like Magic Tree House books. I read all of the magic tree house books. Do you like magic tree house?

Is there a Magic Tree House?

The Magic Tree House is not real.

What is magic tree house 48?

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What is the magic tree house 3?

The 3rd book in the Magic Tree House series is "Magic Tree House #3: Mummies in the Morning".

What is the setting of magic tree house?

In the magic tree house or wherever there mission is

What is the last magic tree house book?

magic tree house 13

Where does the story magic tree house take place?

The Magic Tree House books take place in many different settings, but Jack and Annie live in Frog Creek, Pennsylvania.

What magic tree house is book number 41?

It is the Magic Tree House 41th book.

What is Magic tree house 47?

Magic Tree House #47 is Abe Lincoln at Last. :)

What is the title of the Magic Tree House book?

There's many answer but its just Magic Tree House

How many magic tree house books did they make?

There are 46 Magic Tree House books.

Where is the magic tree on the magic tree house red dragon on poptropica?

Go to the woods to the left with a car tier and you will find the magic tree house

Where are magic tree house books published?

The Magic Tree House books were published in New York.

Is there fifty magic tree house books in 2010?

No. The Magic Tree House series has 47 books.

In the series Magic Tree House where do Jack and Annie live?

Frog Creek Pennslyvania

How do you not get trapped in jail in Magic Tree House Magic Dragon poptropica?

You have to get into jail. Just use the tree house charm to go back to the tree house.

How do you get in the tree house in magic tree house?

climb the rope ladder

What is magic tree house 45?

Yes, There is a Magic Tree House #45 called A Crazy Day With Cobras

Who write the magic tree house books?

Mary Pope Osborne writes the Magic Tree House series.

The publisher of magic tree house books?

Random House Children's Books, a division of Random House publishes the Magic Tree House Series.

How many magic tree house research guides are there?

As of January 2012, there are 25 Magic Tree House Research Guides.

Are people lying when they say you have magic tree house 80?

Yes. There is not an 80th book in the Magic Tree House series.