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Tiger Woods lives in Windermere Florida, outside of Orlando.

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What is Tiger Woods doing right now?

recovering from a knee surgery

Is golfing better for Tiger Woods now or when he was younger?

Tiger Woods is actually getting worse at golf...He has a lot of stress right now and a family. He also has several injurys

Who are the top 5 players in Golf right now?

The top 5 players in Golf right now are Tiger Woods, Brant Snedeker, Adam Scott, Kevin Streelman, and Matt Kuchar. Tiger Woods has always been a lead since he made his debut.

What is Tiger Woods age now?

he is 34 years old right now and it is October 26 2009 and he was born December 30 1975

Tiger Woods enemy?

Nearly everyone now.

Why is Tiger Woods in the news now?

he supposedly cheated on his wife and she has now left him !

Is Tiger Woods divorced?

Yes he is now divoreced from Elin.

What athlete gets paid the most right now?

1.tiger woods 2.phil jackson 3.lebron james

What country does Steve Williams live in?

His home is in New Zealand, but he travels the world to caddy for Tiger Woods, he's on a break now though.

Does Tiger Woods like rap music?

yes he did in his childhood, mabye not now...

Where is Tiger Woods now?

When this question was answered he was at Muirfield Village in Dublin, Ohio.

How much money does Tiger Woods make in a second?

tiger woods did make about $4 a second before he cheated. now he probaly makes 2 to 3 dollars a second.

What endorsements does Tiger Woods possess now in 2013?

In the past Tiger Woods made over $900 million from his endorsements which included AT & T and Nike but he does not currently have any endorsements.

How far can Tiger Woods drive?

Tiger woods used to have a good hit his Nike driver he used to hit about 350 yards but now he only hits about 280 maybe not even that

What is Tiger Woods hometown?

He was born in Cypress, California. But now lives in Jupiter, Florida.

Why does Tiger Woods look so old now?

He went though a lot. a LOT.

Does Elin still love Tiger Woods?

By now you should all know she does'nt, but in her heart Elin can't bear to leave Tiger.

Is it possible to send a text that deletes itself?

YES!! its called tiger text named after tiger woods i think. now go be pervs

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