Where does a kagu live?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Q: Where does a kagu live?
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Where do the kagu lives?

kagus live on the mountains and valleys.

When was KAGU created?

KAGU was created in 199#.

What eats the kagu?

== == Kagu's eat worms, spiders, grasshoppers, bugs, beetles, and lizards. But the Kagu's favorite food are snails. Kagus' smash their shells with it's beak. Sometimes Kagu's will eat animals in the shallow waters.

Is the kagu endangeered?


How big are kagu birds?

The Kagu is a ground-living bird about the size of a chicken found in the forests and shrubland of New Caledonia.

Kagu-zuchi god of fire?

Kagu-tsuchi is a god of fire in the mythology of Japan. He is said to be the first death after the world was created.

What has the author Kazuko Koizumi written?

Kazuko Koizumi has written: 'Tansu' 'Shitsunai to kagu no rekishi' 'Kagu' -- subject(s): Furniture, History

Can an American alligator eat an kagu?


What does a kagu bird look like?


What birds names begin with the letter k?

· Kagu · Kingfisher · Kookaburra · Kiwi

How does a kagu care for its young?

The female kagu lays one egg and the male and female take care for it until its old enough to fend for itself

Why do kagu birds have flaps over there nose?

to keep dirt out of its nose