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These bacteria enter the body and reproduce by dividing in the same way as cells in the body.

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How do most bacteria reproduce?

Bacteria usually reproduce by fission.

What is bacteria that grow and reproduce?

All bacteria grow and reproduce

How does bacteria reproduce Asexually or sexually?

most bacteria reproduce sexually. It is very rare for bacteria to reproduce sexually. but it is possible

Do bacteria reproduce sexually or asexually?

it is more likelly for bacteria to reproduce asexually. it is very rare for bacteria to reproduce sexually. but it is possible

How quick do bacteria reproduce?

Bacteria can reproduce extremely quickly if in the right environment. Under favorable conditions, a single bacteria can reproduce 108 bacteria in twelve hours.

Can bacteria sexually reproduce?

no... bacteria reproduce asexually which means they reproduce by themselves usually by spitting in half

How do bacteria and sea sponge reproduce?

Bacteria and sponge reproduce asexually,.......meaning they do not reproduce through sex.......

How do bacteria asexually reproduce?

Bacteria reproduce by cell division. They duplicate themselves.

Why don't bacteria reproduce by mitosis?

The reason bacteria do not reproduce by mitosis is because bacteria do not contain chromosomes. There are numerous types of bacteria.

Do most bacteria reproduce by conjugation?

Most bacteria reproduce by a process called fission

Do bacteria reproduce by spore formation?

No, Bacteria reproduce by an Asexual process called Binary Fission.

Does bacteria reproduce through meiosis?

Bacteria cells reproduce through binary fission (not meiosis)

Is bacteria reproduce by meiosis?

No, bacteria reproduce by mitosis, only sexual gametes replicate by meiosis.

Do bacteria reproduce by mitosis?

No they reproduce by binary fission.

Can viruses reproduce as a cell?

no they reproduce as a virus or bacteria.

Do bacteria reproduce through spores?

No. Bacteria reproduce through binary fission. Bacteria become spores when conditions are not suitable for growth.

How long does it take for bacteria to reproduce?

some species of bacteria reproduce around 15 to 20 minutes

What is bacteria reproducing called?

Binary Fission. Bacteria don't "reproduce" in the human-sense of the word. When they "reproduce," one bacteria sperates into two genetically identical daughter bacteria.

How many bacteria can reproduce in a day?

it can reproduce 72 times a day and the total amount of bacteria is 4,722,366,482,869,645,213,696

Why are bacteria and archaea in different domains?

Bacteria and archaea are in different domains because they reproduce differently. Archaea reproduce asexually and bacteria reproduces sexually.

How fast bacteria reproduce?

If bacteria have plenty of food, the right temperature, and suitable conditions, they reproduce frequently. With these conditions, bacteria can reproduce once every 20 minutes. Although, these conditions are very rare.

Under what condition do bacteria thrive and reproduce frequently by binary fission?

Bacteria thrives and reproduce frequently when it is moist and warm. When bacteria have plenty of food, the right temperature, and other suitable conditions, they thrive and reproduce.

How do bacteria reproduce is?

Bacteria can reproduce sexually and asexually. Sexually, two bacteria are involved, but asexually, the bacterium divides on its own in a process similar to that of cellular mitosis.

What organisms use mitosis to reproduce?

bacteria and amoebaBacteria reproduce by fission.Mitosis is involved in single celled eukariyotic organisms

Bacteria reproduce asexually by means of a process called?

Bacteria reproduce through a process also known as binary fission.

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