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In the fallopian tube for about 5-6 days and then in the uterus.

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Q: Where does embryonic development occur?
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When does embryonic development occur?

From implantation until about 10 weeks when the embryo becomes a fetus.

During embryonic development of animals tissue layers form This process of embryonic tissue development is called?


What tells cells to differentiate during embryonic development?

The inheritance of an organism tells cells to differentiate during embryonic development.

What is embryonic?

Embryonic is defined as an unborn or unhatched baby or animal in the early stage of development. The term embryonic is used when referring to anything related to an embryo or something that is in a stage that will experience further development.

What type of embryonic development do porifera have?


How Is Embryonic Growth similar to fetal development?

Compare embryonic growth and fetal development in single and multiple pregnancies, including the incidence of complications and infant mortality.

The notochord develops in which stage of embryonic development?


Why is the process vital to the embryonic development of a fetus?


What is the African elephant embryonic development?

It is fertilized and then poops.

What is the embryonic development of the amphibian egg?

A frog egg is 1.6 million times larger than a single frog cell. The egg turns into a tadpole during embryonic development.

What is the importance of cleavage in embryonic developing?

Cleavage is extremely important in embryonic development. Cleavage is what begins the process of creating embryos.

What are the 3 stages of fetal development?

Germinal Embryonic Fetal

When do cells take on their unique characteristics?

during embryonic development

Do vertebrates have a notochord during early embryonic development?


Does embryonic development mean the same as fetal development?

No. The embryo and the fetus are two separate stages in a baby's prenatal development.

Development of a male fetus depends on suppressing the development of the embryonic and stimulating the development of the respectively?

müllerian ducts, wolffian ducts

What period of human development are cells change?

Embryonic phase is the period of human development. This is when the cells change.

Cells specialize to form what during embryonic development?

germ layers.

What happens to genes during embryonic development?

They are replicated countless times.

What are the different stages of embryonic development?

cell, zygote, embryo then fetus!

Which is the period of development that occurs 2 to 8 weeks after conception?


What are the two major stages of development in pregnancy?

embryonic and fetal stages

What are the three stages of pre natal development?

germinal embryonic and fetal

What is the embryonic universe?

That means, the Universe in its early stages of development.

What are stages in the life of an insect?

The egg, post-embryonic development, and metamorphosis