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Q: Where does most of the co2 produced from burning fossil fuels end uo?
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What gas does complete burning of fossil fuels produce?

Complete burning of the hydrocarbon portion of fossil fuels produces carbon dioxide. Since most fossil fuels contains nitrogenous and sulfurous components also, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide would also be produced by complete combustion.

What gas is most affected by burning fossil fuels?


Most pollution in the atmosphere comes from?

Burning fossil fuels

Most air pollution is caused by?

By burning fossil fuels

How is most energy in the US produced?

fossil fuels

How does electric contribute to global warming?

Most electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels, which releases carbon dioxide which contributes to global warming

Where does most of the Carbon produced from burning fossil fuels end up?

It goes into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. The heat produced by burning fuel comes from forming the carbon-oxygen chemical bonds that creates CO2.

How does computers cause air pollution?

Indirectly. The majority of the power we use comes from fossil energy, so computers are partly powered by the burning of fossil fuels, which contributes to air pollution. The energy that went into producing the computers also came to some extent from the burning of fossil fuels, so again a contribution. Then the computers had to transported from where they were produced and eventually to the homes of the users. Most of that transport was most likely powered by fossil fuels as well.

Could fossil fuels create electricity?

Yes, fossil fuels can and do create electricity. Most electricity round the world today is generated by burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas).

What cycle is most affected when burning of fossil fuels by cars and factories?


The human activity that causes the most air pollution is the burning of?

fossil fuels

How can roller coasters use fossil fuels?

Most, if not all, roller coasters are powered by electricity. Most electricity is still being generated by burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). As this burning emits carbon dioxide you can clearly say that roller coasters are contributing to global warming by using fossil fuels.