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From groundwater, which gets there via rain, molten snow, etc. It's usually clean as it gets filtered while seeping through the earth

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Q: Where does natural spring water come from?
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Does natural spring water have chlorine in it?


What is the difference between drinking water natural water and spring water?

Well, first of all natural water would probably be dirty and unfiltered, such as a natural pond and lake. Spring water would be manufactured out of spring water and would be much cleaner at that. If the natural water you are thinking of is different then this answer the natural water you are thinking of is probably everyday water that you drink, and more than likely doesn't come from a spring. Spring water also is found in a water bottle, and natural water can be found through faucets at home. Because your water is natural, isn't it?

What is a natural hot spring that occasionally sprays steam and water about the ground?

e) A natural hot spring that occasionally sprays hot water and streams? Q

Where is Deerpark Spring Water bottled?

Deerpark Spring Water is bottled from a spring near Deer Park, Maryland. The company was recently acquired by Nestle and comes from natural spring water.

Where in the world are there natural springs that produce carbonate water?

spring water

Which makes flowers last longer ice water spring water sugar water or milk?

spring water, for it is the closest to natural rain

What are the natural resources of fl?

sugar, oranges, beef, seafood and natural spring water

What is the place in a desert where there is a natural spring with surface water?

An oasis

Where in the world are there natural springs that produce carbonated?

spring water

Granted pure water has no calories but how many does spring or well water with natural minerals have?

None. Spring water has a higher level of minerals, but minerals are not calories.

Where does a natural spring occur?

Where the water table meets the Earth's surface

What are the natural resourses of Florida?

Sugar canes oranges cows seafood natural spring water the ocean