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When there is a blizzard, go to the North east shore and it is by your backpack.

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It would be on F5 onyour map

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Q: Where does the blue bird live in gatama atoll in Endless ocean blue world?
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Where is the dog in endless ocean blue world and how do I find it?

Buy a telescope from Nancy and look through it in the morning. You will see something washed up on the north shore of gatama atoll. Go and investigate it and you will find a dog which you can take home with you.

How do you find the pacifica treasure in endless ocean blue world?

On one of the islands in Gatama Atoll. Search everywhere! He should appear near the water laying down. Plus it can add a new request for a legendary creature after that your free to pet it when you want to.

Where is cake rock in endless ocean blue world?

D4 In Gamata Atoll (The tiny island in the middle)

How do you find the legendary turtle in endless ocean blue world?

If you don't already have it, buy the campfire set from Nancy. The dog, Snorkel, will then lay by the bonfire instead of on the dock. Go over to him and pet him and he will point out a 'moving island' near Cake Rock in Gatama Atoll. Investigate the 'moving island' to find the turtle.

Is Endless Ocean Blue World out?

Yes endless ocean blue world is out.

Is endless ocean 2 the same as endless ocean blue world?

yes it is the same

Can you beat endless ocean blue world?

Yes it is not impossible

How do you go to the via back entrance in endless ocean blue world?

It is endless... there is no back, there is no front, therefore there is no middle, therefore it doesn't exist, and the endless world never began...

Where is Midway Atoll?

Midway Atoll is located in the North Pacific Ocean, about 1,300 miles (2,100 km) northwest of Hawaii. It is part of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands and is known for its history as a strategic naval and air base during World War II.

What is in the last present in endless ocean blue world?

no one knows.

How Many partners can you get on Endless Ocean Blue World?

11. That's it.

What is the difference between endless ocean and endless ocean blue world?

First of all, there are new locations and creatures not in the previous games. 2, dangerous creatures can attack you.