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The earth's position has no affect on constellations' visibility. The position of the viewer on the surface of the earth will affect what constellations are visible.

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Q: Where does the earth have to be in order to see constellations?
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The constellations you see from earth appear to change as the?

Earth revolves around the sun. That is why the constellations we see from Earth appear to change.

Can you see the same constellations from anywhere on earth?

No you can not.

How many constellations in the Earth?

There are no constellations in the Earth. They are in space. There are 88 official constellations.

Why can't people in the north hemisphere see all constellations throughout the year?

It is because of the rotation and revolution of the Earth's axis.The Earth goes to one side of its orbit this causes the other constellations to be blocked by the sun. The change in location makes other constellations out of sight. The Earth goes away from these constellations that's why we can't see them.

Why you see different constellations of stars during a year?

the earth's rotation

Why do you see different constellations in different areas of the sky during different seasons?

You see different constellation because the constellations stay in place, but Earth moves so every season you are able to see different constellations.

Why do the constellations change its position?

The Earth moves on it axis, West to East. As the Earth moves, you see different parts of space so therefor see different constellations. Hope it answered your question!!

Why do stars appear in the sky at different times?

Because the earth's spin causes us to be able to see different constellations at different times of year. In winter, we see other constellations because the earth tilts away from the sun, therefore causing us to see constellations over the top of the earth. I am 11 years old.

Can you see the same constellations from the surface of the moon that we see from earth?

yeah but they wont be in the same orientation

Can you see the same constellations from earth and from moon?

Yes, and you will be able to see the same constellations from Mars or Pluto as well. The stars are so far away that the constellations will look exactly the same from anyplace in our solar system.

Do people from other cultures on Earth see the same stars constellations and asterisms that you see?

yes the see the same thing

Where on Earth could you see all the constellations rise and set?

Somewhere along the equator...

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