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Where does the electric eel live?

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freshwater basin of south America

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They live in a freshwater biome.

The eel is not electric and is able to be touched by human where as the electric eel will zap you if you touch it.

what shape is a Electric Eel

yes a electric eel is an animal

The electric eel is the colour brown.

No one made the electric eel, it is an animal.

It is a catfish and carp. It is not an eel.

The Electric Eel uses the electric discharges for hunting and self defence

an electric eel has specail bacteria that make electricity

An Electric Eel grows up to almost 8ft

Electric eels live in fresh waters of the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers, the basins in South America, in river floodplains, swamps, creeks and coastal plains. They often live on muddy bottoms in calm water and in stagnant rivers. They are a FRESHWATER species. The name "electric eel" is also a misnomer, as they are more related to the Catfish than the Eel.

No, the moray eel is not an electric fish because it does not generate an electric field. The electric eel, electric catfish and electric rays are examples of electric fish who's electrical organ discharge can be used to stun their prey.

In the amazon river. It doesn't live in any parts of the rainforest.

what is the avarage temperature for electric eel

It is possible, but the electric eel is more likely to seriously injure you.

On average the electric eel is approximately 6ft-8ft long.

No. The Electric eel lives in south america's rivers

The electric eel preys on fish, frogs, and small birds.

The electric eel is in the catfish and carp category but they behave like eels.

An electric eel can hold up to 600v and 10v the lowest.

500 volts up to 1000 volts electric eel have

Electric eels only live in South America, but Freshwater Morey Eels live in India but I'm not sure of their numbers

The electric eel can produce a powerful electric charge of up to 600 volts. The eel uses this electric shock for both hunting and as a means of self defense.

No. The gulper eel is a non-electric producing eel.

An electric eel weighs up to 150 pounds and can be 5 ft long.

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