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Saltwater fish are generally found in ocean and seas. Majority of fish are saltwater fish; while the rest are freshwater species. Some saltwater fish are eels, goatfish, goby, drumfish, damsel, batfish and basslet.

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Name five types of ocean fish?

Parrot Fish + Convict Fish + Clown Fish + Sharks + Barracudas + Angelfish + Cod + Blow Fish and a ton of others ...
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What fish travels to saltwater to breed?

Many types of fish travel to saltwater to breed. The scientific term is Catadromous. An example of a catadromous fish is the Barramundi, but there are many catadromous species. ...
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Do sea scorpions exist?

Sorry, but while sea scorpions used to exist, they are now extinct. They lived about 390 million years ago. ...
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Does Paco fish have fins and scales?

Pacu are a type of piranha. They do have scales, like most fish, as well as fins. ...
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Can you live on saltwater?

No. Ocean water actually requires more water to process the salt than the water that is there. You are worse off after drinking salt water. ...
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Who discovered the blob fish?

The blob fish is a very rare sea creature that is ever seen by humans. It lives deeps in Australian waters and is one of the endangered species of marine life. The fish is so called for its flesh which is mainly a gelatinous mass which helps it to remain buoyant above the sea floor. With it lacking energy to swin owing to lack of muscles, it just feeds on anything edible that floats by. ...
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How many teeth does a sea lamprey have?

more than 1000 teeth i believe
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Are barracuda fish dangerous?

I've seen many barracudas up close and personal while diving in Florida. They are not very aggressive, primarily curious when they see shiny objects like masks. However, I was fishing off a pier once and it was impossible to land any fish because barracudas hang out under the pier and would attack the fish on the line and you'd pull in a bloody head. They don't seem to bother swimmers, however. ...
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How many eggs does a blue tang lay?

The amount of eggs can not be predicted. It will always be different.
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How do salt water fish breathe in salt water?

they just breathe it like a normal fish would normal water.
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Can flounder camouflage?

YEA THEY CHANGE THE COLOR OF THE BODY TO MATCH THE COLOUR OF THE SURROUNDING check out the April 27 new yorker magazine - article on ramachandran's experiment on pages 79-80 - says they can match polka dots and checkerboard patterns! ...
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How do you catch a moray eel?

you have to go noodlin like they do for catfish
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How do you get a clown fish to host a Anemone?

well there are many ways to do this... take the anemone and put it into a noodle strainer and take the clowns and put it in there with it (keep strainer at the surface of the water). after a couple hours they will get use to it but in doing this you will stress the fish and the anemone which could cause them to die. you could also just grab the clowns into your hand and push them into the...
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How do butterfly fish get oxygen?

They use their gills just like all other fish. They are a typical laterally compressed (compressiform) reef fish which obtain oxygen by simple diffusion as O2 rich water flows across their gills which are served by two arteries, the efferent and afferent arteries. Fish use a system called counter current exchange of water and blood between these two arteries across the gill lamilae (gill sheets), meaning that the blood and water flow in opposite directions across the gill sheet. This maintains the...
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What fish can puffer fish live with?

Puffers live mostly in the reefs of warm water oceans. They are capable of eating nearly anything that doesn't swim away. With fused tooth plates they crush sea urchins, worms, snails, and many other invertebrates. They are fairly slow, but capable of bursts of speed. (reefannie) ...
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Do fish drink water?

Fresh water fish absorb water through their skin and gills, saltwater fish actually do drink water. In saltwater fish, they have to drink because their body's concentration of salt is lower than the surrounding water. Therefore, they have to drink huge amounts of water every day to stay hydrated. In freshwater fish, their salt concentration is higher than that of the surrounding water, and, as osmosis dictates, they absorb water through their highly permeable skin. To keep from bursting, freshwater fish actually have to...
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What do puffer fish eat?

Puffer fish are a carnivore, and tend to be nocturnal hunters. They have to eat hard-shelled, meaty food in order to survive, including crabs, clams, snails, oysters, crayfish, cut up prawns and shrimp. They do not eat humans. ...
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Is an leafy sea dragon a reptile?

No, the leafy sea dragon is a fish, a close relative to the sea horse.
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Can you use earthworms for sea fishing?

Yes definitely ! Earthworms are one of the best foods for fish.....
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Do flying fish live in groups?

they swim in schools
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Are wetlands saltwater or freshwater?

Wetlands can refer to both freshwater and saltwater areas. Wetlands are simply an area of land where the soil is saturated with water, either fresh or salt. For example, freshwater marshes exist inland, whereas salt marshes generally occur along the coast. ...