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From the PIE base "er".

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Where does alkaline earth metals come from?

The alkaline earth metals come from the place that is described in their name: earth. They occur naturally in different types of earth.

Which planet's name does not come from mythology?


Where did the name Kodak come from?

it came from the planet earth

What is the name of the asteroid that will come close to earth?


Where did the did the name Pangaea come from?

It is Greek, meaning 'all earth'.

Where did the word 'Earth' come from?

god gave all his children (planets) their own name.

Where did the name Demeter come from?

Greek: deo - earth meter/mater- mother Demeter. Earth Mother

Where does most of our knowledge about the earth come from?

Name the layers of earth in order from most dense to least dense

Do Mars bars come from Mars?

No, they are from Earth. The Mars name is the company founder’s last name.

What is the name of the star which get a long tail when they come close to earth?


What did the first name Demi come from?

Demi is short for Demetria which is a greek name which means "Earth Mother"

What planet come after earth?

Mars come after Earth

Can you name the planet closest to Earth?

The planet that's able to come closest to Earth is Venus. The next one after Venus is Mars.

Where does the planet name earth come from?

alot of people are saying that earth didnt get a name from the greek gods and that ertha and that the word ertha means ground..... sorry my best guess

Where does the last name Rojas come from?

Rojas is a last name form Spain. The name means "red earth" and was given to people who lived in an area near red earth. It was first used in Old Castile.

How do rockets come back to earth?

they come back to earth by themsleves

When did snow leopards come to Earth?

how did snow lopards come to earth and when.

Is earth planed the second from the sun?

No, Earth is third. First come Mercury and Venus.No, Earth is third. First come Mercury and Venus.No, Earth is third. First come Mercury and Venus.No, Earth is third. First come Mercury and Venus.

What was the name of the first person to be on earth?

There wasn't just one person that first come on Earth, there was two, a male and a female named Adam and Eve

Fact about the earth?

Earth is the third planet from the Sun. It is also the largest terrestrial planet. Earth is the only planet whose English name doesn't come from Greek or Roman mythology.

Who was the first persons to come on earth?

Adam was the first man to come on Earth

How did germs first come to earth?

They didn't come to earth they evolved here

Where did most of the water of the earth come from?

from where did earth water most likly come

Where did the pomo Indians name come from?

The word '' Pomo '' means '' people that live at the red earth hole. ''

What is the worlds name?

== There are several names that apply to the world. Terra, Gaia, Earth and Land come to mind.

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