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Q: Where does the renal artery take the blood to?
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How does the blood in the renal artery differ from the blood of renal vein?

Blood in the artery will be oxygenated, and the blood in the veins will be deoxygenated.

What vessels carry blood to the kidneys?

The renal artery carries blood into the kidneys while the renal vein drains the blood.

What kind of blood is carried by the renal artery and renal vein?

The renal artery carries blood to the kidney, and the renal vein carries blood that has been purified by the kidney.

How does blood in the renal vein differ from that in the renal artery?

The blood in the Renal Vein:* Is low in oxygen. * Returns to the heart. The blood in the Renal Artery:* Has high amounts of oxygen. * Is pumped from the heart.

Where would you find the renal artery?

The renal artery supplies the kidneys with oxygenated blood.

What blood does renal artery have?

oxygenated blood

How does blood flow through the brain to the heart?

trace blood flow through the kidney from the renal artery to the renal vein? blood flow through kidney from renal artery to the renal vein

In what way does the composition of the blood in the renal artery differ from the renal vein?

The renal artery takes blood to the kidney. The renal vein takes blood away from the kidney. In the kidney, the waste product urea is filtered out of the blood. So the main difference is in the amount of urea in the blood: high in the renal artery and low in the renal vein.

What does the renal artery do?

The renal artery supplies blood to the renal system, or the kidneys. The renal artery differ with the renal vein in containing the less concentration of co2 and more concentration of urea

Renal artery - definition?

The medical term "renal" refers to the kidneys, so a renal artery would be an artery (a type of blood vessel which oxygenated blood travels through) that leads to the kidneys and supplies them with blood.

Function of renal artery in frog?

The renal artery supplies oxygenated blood from the heart to the kidneys.

What is the artery that carries blue blood to the lungs?

the renal artery

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