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The story of Phaeton and the Chariot of the Sun takes place in Ancient Greece and is often associated with Greek mythology. It is a tale about the young Phaeton's misguided attempt to drive the chariot of the sun across the sky, with disastrous consequences.

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Q: Where does the story phaeton and the chariot of the son take place?
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How did chariot racing take place in ancient Greece?

In the Olympics

When did the chariot races take place?

I think it was the roman times

Where would the chariot race take place?

Chariot races took place in a special arena called a "circus". In the east it was called a hippodrome. Although other ceremonies and events could be held in a circus, they were principally for chariot races.

Where did the chariot place take place?

Generally in a Hippodrome but chariot races also occured in Roman colleuseums and at special times in war, during these times the Greeks would do it just outside their camp.

Would a chariot race take place inside?

yes it can. but mostly outside xx

Who is the teenager with a Greek god as a dad?

Jeez, there are a lot of mortals who had gods for parents, and they all had to be teenagers at one point in time.although, I think the best story that deals with a teenager and a god dad is the story of Phaeton.Phaeton was a teen who found out that his dad was Apollo. He thought it would be a good idea if he went and got to meet his famous dad, so he travelled to the east, where the sun rises. he met Apollo, and whined and complained about his boring life, then asked daddy if he could ride the chariot of the sun, which Apollo at first said was a bad idea, because the steeds of the sun chariot are a little testy. Phaeton kept pestering and making Apollo feel bad because he wasn't around when Phaeton was just a little tot, until Apollo agreed and let him take the reins. Phaeton drove the steeds into the sky, but couldn't control them, and they flew too close to the earth, scorching a great stretch of land. Finally Zeus had had enough and threw a lightning bolt at Phaeton to keep him from burning up the entire think twice when you ask for your parent's car keys.------hercules

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school The story takes place in the future.

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the story takes place in egypt

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