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The story "Space Station Seventh Grade" by Jerry Spinelli takes place in a middle school where protagonist Jason looks for his identity, faces regular adolescent challenges, and navigates relationships with friends and family while dealing with the unique environment of seventh grade.

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Q: Where does the story take place for Space Station Seventh Grade by Jerry Spinelli?
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When did Jerry Spinelli get his first book published?

Jerry Spinelli got his first book, "Space Station Seventh Grade," published in 1982.

What year was space station seventh grade published?

"Space Station Seventh Grade" by Jerry Spinelli was published in 1982.

How old was Jerry Spinelli when his first children's book was published?

Jerry Spinelli was in his thirties when his first children's book, "Space Station Seventh Grade," was published.

What is the theme of Space station seventh grade by Jerry Spinelli?

The theme of "Space Station Seventh Grade" by Jerry Spinelli revolves around the challenges of adolescence, including self-discovery, identity formation, and navigating relationships. The protagonist, Jason, grapples with typical teenage issues while trying to find his place in the world.

When did Jerry spinelli start writing?

Jerry Spinelli started writing when he was in High School. He was at a Football game and everyone was playing instruments and on sports teams, but Spinelli was at home writing. It became published in 2 days.

When was space station seventh grade by jerry Spinelle published?


What was the first book that Jerry Spinelli wrote and published?

Space Station Seventh Grade was his first published work, but he wrote four books for adults before that work; they remain unpublished to this day.

Who made the book called fourth grade rats?

Jerry Spinelli

What are three main events in Jerry Spinelli's life?

Jerry Spinelli was born on February 1, 1941, in Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA. He graduated from Gettysburg College in 1963 and later worked as an editor for a children's magazine. His career as a successful author took off with the publication of his first novel, "Space Station Seventh Grade," in 1982.

How many pages are in third grade angels?

"Third Grade Angels" by Jerry Spinelli has 160 pages.

What book did jerry spinelli write when he won the new bery metal?

Jerry Spinelli won the Newbery Medal for his book "Maniac Magee" in 1991.

What does the character john coogan in the book Crash by Jerry Spinelli look like?

Hes a seventh grader