Where does the suns energy drive?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: Where does the suns energy drive?
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Does photosynthesis need the suns heat energy or the suns light energy?

Light energy.

The suns energy is generated at its?

the suns energy is generated at its core. The energy that is produced by the sun is generated by fusion.

If a suns ray fell onto an apple what energy is that?

If a suns ray hits an apple what energy would that be

Give an example of how a heterotrpoh on solar energy indirectly?

A heterotroph gets the suns energy indirectly by eating leaves that get the suns energy.

How do the chloroplast get energy?

They get energy from the suns light energy baby

The suns energy is from what type of energy?

nuclear fusion energy

How do you get power from the sun?

The suns power is called Solar Energy. So to get the suns energy we use solar panels.

What is the sun's energy made up of?

the suns energy comes from a hydrogen particle smashing in to another hydrogen particle and creates helium, however during this proses it causes heat and light energy and that is what the suns energy is made of

How does the suns energy become your energy?

In the sun is a nuclear fussion energy

What is the name suns energy?


How does plantae get their food?

they get it from the suns energy

Where is the suns energy the greatest?

the equator