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Where does the word Parliament come from?


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The word parliament comes from the French word Parlerment

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The word "Parliament" comes from latin "Parlare" which means "to talk, to discuss"

The original Middle Latin word is Parliamentum, adopted into old French as Parlement (based on the word Parler meaning to speak)

The word parliament is a collective noun for a parliament of beggars, a parliament of owls, a parliament of ravens, a parliament of rooks.

The french word is "parlement" which means speaking, so parliament is the place where we speak

Yes, the word parliament is a collective noun for a parliament of owls, a parliament of crows, a parliament of ravens, and a parliament of rooks.

First attest late 13th. century, from Old French parlement (11th. century), originally "speaking, talk," from parler "to speak"so...yes

There is no Hebrew word for Parliament. Hebrew just uses the English word, spelled פרלמנט

The word, "mineral," can be spelled using only the letters found in the word, "parliament."

Parliament is derived from French: to parlay or discuss

The British legislative is a parliament.

13th Century: Parlerment, from parler+ment (Middle English, from Anglo-French) - conference, discourse.

The British Parliament thought the law was unfair.

It comes from French, from the word parler, which means to speak. Parliament therefore means place of discussion.

There are 3 syllables in the word parliament:par/lia/ment

Synonyms : government, legislative body , legislature , assembly, Members of Parliament

議会, Gikai but the specific "Japanese parliament" is 国会, Kokkai

from where the word 'science' come? from where the word 'science' come?

Here are some sentences.Parliament is in session.Parliament is part of the government.

The noun 'parliament' is an abstract noun as a word for the highest legislative authority of a country, which has the power to enact laws.The noun 'parliament' is a concrete noun as a word for the group of people who make or change the laws of the country.

The likely word is parliament (a legislative body).It may be capitalized when it refers to a specific Parliament, such as in the UK.

they come in groups and they do competions and what ever group wins the competitiong becomes members of Parliament

The noun parliament is a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for the official group of people who meet to make the laws laws of a country. The common noun parliament is a proper noun when used for a specific parliament; for example the Parliament of Australia or the Parliament of Finland.

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