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Where does the word bureau come from?


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It is French. It is a word used for an office.

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Bureau is a French word which can mean office or desk. English meanings come from both. A bureau can be a department or ministry or other government office. (Think Federal Bureau of Investigation) A bureau can also be a piece of furniture, like a chest of drawers.

The plural of bureau is bureaus.

The bureau was in the opposite corner of my room, how convenient.

bureau ia a lot of things

The money was hidden in a bureau drawer

Bureau (as in office) = misrad (משרד) Bureau (as in desk) = shulkhan (שולחן)

Bureau mean desk. I kno because I am from France.

Bureau, headquarters, branch.

officebureau -- "bew-ro" -- desk; office

There are two meanings to bureau: You will have to go to the license bureau at city hall to get a fishing license. You will find fresh sheets in the bottom drawer of the bureau in your room.

No, the word "bureaux" is French. It is the plural of "bureau."

The word is bureau. The British refer to a bureau as a desk with drawers for papers.

i guess, "le chef de bureau" or "le directeur du bureau"

How do you spell bureau

The noun 'bureau' is a word for a government department or part of a government department, or other organization (a news bureau, a credit bureau, etc.) The noun 'bureau' can function as a general collective noun for any group that suits the context; for example, a bureau of functionaries, a bureau of bean counters, a bureau of boondoggles, etc.

An abbreviation of the government unit bureau (agency) is Bur. capitalized and preceded or followed by the name.

Un bureau (masc.) is a desk (like the teacher's desk) or the room that contains it (the office).

Yes, it means desk, or office

Bureau or badminton...bonjour

Yes, the French word bureau is masculine.Specifically, the word is a noun in its singular form. It may be preceded by the masculine singular definite article le ("the") or the masculine singular indefinite article un ("a"). It most frequently means "desk" and "office".The pronunciation will be "byoo-ro" in French.

un bureau is the French name for a desk.

There are 2 syllables. Bur-eau.

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