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Where does the word honeymoon come from?

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The term 'honeymoon' first originated in Babylon, about 4,000 years ago. Honeymoon came into use for the month after a wedding, when the bride's father would give the groom all the mead he wanted. Mead is actually a honey beer, and being so, the Babylon's calendar was a lunar calender, which is based off the moon. They then started to call that month, the 'honey month', which we now have adapted to be honeymoon.

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What is another spanish word for honeymoon?

Luna de miel or its honeymoon in english-by sage goonwermardena i live on engineere st. in corbin kentucky at the stopsign i think im hot and please come

What is Hindi word of honeymoon?


How are Artemis and the word honeymoon connected?

Artemis is often mistakenly identified with the moon in Greek Myth. Honeymoon has the word "moon" within it.

What is a sentence with the word splurge?

we splurged on our honeymoon

I don't want to come on my period on my honeymoon how do I delay it?

Ask your doctor what to do.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Fable of the Honeymoon That Tried to Come Back - 1914?

The cast of The Fable of the Honeymoon That Tried to Come Back - 1914 includes: Harry Dunkinson as The Husband Gerda Holmes as The Wife

Which honeymoon destination is the shortest distance from Gretna Green?

A honeymoon destination can be anywhere you wish, so you could stay in Gretna Green. Nothing come closer than that.

What is the Tagalog word for Honeymoon?

"Pulot-gata" - by Dennis dela Cruz-Mumar

How can you enjoy your honeymoon?

no honeymoon

What romantic word do you get when you combine a substance that bees make with a part of the solar system?


What does it mean when you get married on a blue moon?

Good luck will come to you both and you will have a happy marriage and honeymoon.

Was it a great honeymoon?

It's the honeymoon of your dreams.

How do you do honeymoon?

There are many ways to plan a honeymoon!

Can you give a sentence with the word bissful?

The happy newlyweds left for a relaxing, blissful honeymoon in Hawii.

What is 'honeymoon' when translated from English to Italian?

"Honeymoon" in English is luna di miele in Italian.

How can you ignore the honeymoon phase of an abusive relationship?

The word ignore does not belong in the same sentence with the word abuse. I have never heard of a honeymoon phase, what exactly is this. The honeymoon in a healthy relationship can last as long as the two people want, its what they put into it. Get therapy or counseling on why you would accept this and dont delay. You are not supposed to ignore an abusive relationship that is how they abuser gains power over time......

Who pays for the honeymoon?

The groom generally pays for the honeymoon.

What is the hawaiian translation for honeymoon?

Its called the same (honeymoon)

Who were the honeymoon couples on the titanic?

13 honeymoon couples.

Who missed his honeymoon flight and where was the honeymoon?

Edward's honeymoon was at Isle Esme off the coast of Rio de Jarno

What is a sentence that has two or more subjuects connected by the conjunctions ''and'' or ''or''?

This an example for you using the word "and" and the word "or" in one sentence. Jane and John can choose to go on a honeymoon to either Hawaii or the Bermudas since Jane's parents gave her the choice of getting money and a honeymoon for her wedding gift or a down payment on a house. Jane and John chose the money and the honeymoon because he owned a house already.

Use the word rarefied in a sentence?

The honeymoon couple really enjoyed the rarefied atmosphere at the expensive resort.

How is the goddess Artemis assciated with the word honeymoon?

Artemis is sometimes associated with the moon itself, as Apollo is to the sun.

What is an abstract noun for honey?

An abstract noun form of the concrete noun 'honey' is honeymoon; a word for a concept.

When was Honeymoon Hotel created?

Honeymoon Hotel was created in 1934.

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