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The image location is where the observer is sighting when viewing the image.

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Q: Where does your image appear when you look in a mirror?
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When you look at a plane mirror what does the images appear to be in th mirror?

An image that is laterally inverted.

Where does your image appear to be when you look into a plane mirror?

It's a virtual reflection of the object which appears as an image as much behind the mirror as the distance of the object in front.

How would the eye perceive an image created by a concave mirror and by a convex mirror?

A concave mirror will focus an image and make it appear smaller. A convex mirror will disperse an image and make it appear larger.

Does your head appear bigger when you stand in front of a mirror?

If it is a perfectly flat mirror then it should appear the same size. However, if the mirror has any curve towards you, then the image's reflection can look larger than original.

Where does a virtual image appear?

inside a mirror

What distance from the mirror does an image in a plane mirror appear to be?

Same distance behind mirror.

Why does your image appear to be behind the mirror?

I guess it is because of preception.... if your standing about a metre away from the mirror... it will appear your reflection is a metre behind the mirror

What will be the difference in the size of the image (of the same object) formed by a small and large mirror?

the image on the large mirror may seen big and the image on the small mirror may appear small

Why do objects in the rear view mirror appear closer than they are?

The light from an object falls on the mirror. If these rays were to be extended backwards then they would meet behind the mirror making the image also at the back of the mirror. We can't catch this image on the screen. The image looks smaller due to one of the laws of depth perception. This makes the image look even smaller.

How do image appear in mirror?

a ginger queer ised sheeran=

Why do images in a concave mirror appear inverted?

If an object's distance from the concave mirror is greater than the mirror's focal length, then the mirror image of it will be inverted. If the distance from the concave mirror is less than the focal length of the mirror, the image will not be inverted. No image will be produced if the distance from the mirror to the object is equal to the mirror's focal length.

How does the image in a mirror plane differ from the object?

The image does not appear different, nor does it change at all. The image is exactly the same.