Where does your last name come from Brady?

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It comes from his father.
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Where does the last name Villaman come from?

Answer . VILLAMAN this last name come from Catalunya, Spain.. See in google: "villaman catala". Answer . VILLAMAN catala e castella. en Google "enciclopedia de cognoms catalans". Parsonajes historicos: Martin de Villaman, capitàn español, durante el gobierno de Nicolàs de Ovando ( Full Answer )

Where did the last name Reidel come from?

1. German: nickname for a rough person, from Middle High German reitel 'cudgel'. 2. Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): metonymic occupational name from southeastern Yiddish reydl 'little wheel', 'tool for perforating matzoth' (see Redel). 3. Altered spelling or variant of German Riedel. . For the s ( Full Answer )

Where does the last name Tindall come from?

Originated from Scotish First found in Northunberland where they were seated from very ancient times along the banks of river tyne. Some of the first settlers of this family name was Robert tindall who was perhaps one of the first settlers to the U.S. he settled in Virginia in 1606. four years befo ( Full Answer )

Where does the last name Helm come from?


What does the last name LLANAS come from?

There are three different origins for the name Llanas:. Asturian-Leonese: habitational name from a place called Llanas (or also Llanes) in Asturies (see Llanes). . Spanish: topographic name for someone who lived on a plain or plateau, Spanish llana 'plain', 'flat ground', from Latin planum (see Pl ( Full Answer )

Where does the last name Cardoza come from?

Type your answer here... Cardoza is a Basque name, signifying the family chosen in ancient times to watch at the head of a valley village for any strangers approaching. The ZA means 'children of' and the Cardo means 'watcher'.

Where did the last name Price come from?

The last name Price originates from Wales. The Welsh name, "apRhys" means "son of Rhys." The name Rhys, in Welsh, means"enthusiasm."

Where did the last name Potter come from?

In the past, it was common to call a man by his profession. Therefore, a man whose name was Potter, was probably a potter. Likewise a man named Thatcher would make and repair thatch roofing.

Where does the last name Bailey come from?

Bailey is an English surname derived from the old French word for Bailiff. A bailiff was an important officer of the crown in a town or county or in charge of an important building.

Where does the last name villafane come from?

I'm from Puerto Rico I'm 1/2 Spanish and 1/2 Portuguese and my mother is Portuguese. Her father's last name is Villafane. So I would say Portuguese and Spanish because I know a few Spaniards with the last name as well

Where does the last name Hutson come from?

has any body really cared about what people say about them well i dont because you get tired after it i know i would i used to let people gewt to me but now i dont peolpe need to learn how to SHUT UP ok thats what people need to learn how to do in stead of cursing out your teachers and trying to con ( Full Answer )

Where does the last name cool come from?

There are 3 different places it could of origonated from:. 1, Irish and Scottish shortened version of McCool. 2, Dutch from the name Kool. 3, German from the name Kuhl

Where did last names come from?

Napoleon officialy demanded that everyone (even the 'bourgeois (sorry don't know English word)) ' had a last name (In 1793-1815). However, the last name itself, dates back to millions of years ago. People think that last names first existed when people went from their hunting lives to farming liv ( Full Answer )

Where did the last name Acevedo come from?

Spanish (Castilian and Galician): topographic name from Old Spanish acebedo , azevedo 'holly grove' (from azevo 'holly' + -edo 'plantation'). This name is common in Tenerife.

Where does the last name Bunch come from?

The last name Bunch has a Scottish origin. It is a medieval namefor a portly or rotund person or someone whose occupation was abarrel maker.

Where does the last name cintron come from?

The last name "Cintron" originated as a Hispanic name. The exactmeaning is unknown, but it might be a variation of the Spanishworld for belt, "cinturon".

Where does the last name Arizpe come from?

It's a Basque name. Probably from Nafarroa or Vizcaia. The Basque Country, which in their language is Euskal Herria, is has been anexed by Spain and France.

Where does the last name nelson come from?

Nelson has many origins. One is an Irish patronymic surname meaning "son of Neal." It can also be a Scandinavian surname, usually an Anglicization ofScandinavian surnames such as Nilsen, Nielsen, and Nilsson.

Where does the last name Hempe come from?

I was told it comes from germany, but the letters in the name stand for the kings and queens of England. H- king Henry. E- king Edward- M- queen Mary P- King Phillip E- queen Elizabeth.

Where did the last name Kerr come from?

English and Scottish: topographic name for someone who lived bya patch of wet ground overgrown with brushwood, northern MiddleEnglish kerr (Old Norse kjarr ). A legend grew up thatthe Kerrs were left-handed, on theory that the name is derived fromGaelic cearr 'wrong-handed', 'left-handed'. . I ( Full Answer )

Where does the last name ocasio come from?

The Last name Ocasio comes originally from Ireland and was orgianlly Cassidy. I also heard some Ocasio's came from Italy. My father was born in Puerto Rico and Ocasio is known primarly today as a Puerto Rican last name. Alot of the Cassidys left Ireland in the 19th century and moved to other parts o ( Full Answer )

Where did the last name Miranda come from?

The proud, noble, and distinguished Spanish surname Miranda is first found in Asturias . See the Related Link listed below for more information:

Where did the last name Husic come from?

The surname Husic originates from the land of Bosnia. Its meaning is 'the son of Huso', with Huso being a common bosnian first name.

Where does the last name Swope come from?

German. Swope is actually swöpe and also an altered version of shwab. The story is that Hitler thought we were Jewish so he took the two dots off of it. It is otherwise originated in Germany.

Where did the last name Tubens come from?

the last name ( Tubens ) is either from peru or puerto rico from my research and experience with agricuture at the state university of howard.

Where does the last name fox come from?

ok. this is a FAQ. I am with the society of TLNF(the last name fox) it came from an Indian who was recently sunburned by a sun loving Jesus like creature named fox

Where did the last name Davis come from?

The name Davis comes from England if you are a Davis awesome be proud of your history and somehow we are related was anybody in your family named Dewey Davis (I am part British so you have to be or we are not related)

Where did the last name Norman come from?

Ultimately, the Family surname Norman derives from the Scandinavian word noromenn, meaning "men from the North". However, the related link below shows four different countries to choose from: Please click there.

Where did last name Bowden Come from?

answer from ancestry.com Bowden - . English: habitational name from any of several places called Bowden or Bowdon. Bowden in Devon and Derbyshire and Bowdon in Cheshire are named with Old English boga 'bow' + dun 'hill', i.e. 'hill shaped like a bow'; one in Leicestershire ( Bugedone in Dom ( Full Answer )

Where does the last name tuper come from?

This surname Tuper is a variant of English: Tupper, or German: Tupper. Tupper - . English: occupational name for a herdsman who had charge of rams, from an agent derivative of Middle English to(u)pe 'ram' (of uncertain origin). . German (Tüpper): occupational name for a potter, from Midd ( Full Answer )

Where does the last name Feen come from?

Feen is an English surname, and is also found in Ireland. Feen is also as Fenn, Venn, Vaun(e), Vance, Vanns, Van, Feenan, Feenin, Fenning and Fanning.

Were last name vigil come from?

Vigil is a variant of Vogel. It's derived from the German 'vogel' meaning 'bird'. It was originally used as a nickname for a happy person.

Where did the last name 'Pope' come from?

The surname Pope can be a variant of the North German surname Poppe. It could have also have originated from the early Chrisitian Church when the title "Pope" was a title of respect used for ALL male clergy. Soon it was reserved for only Bishops, and then later on it was reserved for the title of th ( Full Answer )

Where does last name Frost come from?

Widely believed to be of Scandinavian or Viking origin, or possibly Anglo Saxon, and one of the rare names which has the same meaning, more or less, in modern-day Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/German/Dutch and English. Said by many to represent either a person with white hair, or someone with a frosty d ( Full Answer )

Where does your last name Pantoja come from?

The origination of the name Pantoja comes from a town/village in Spain near Toledo named Pantoja. I am personally a descendant of a Pantoja conquistador that landed in Puerto Rico back in the 1400's. All PR Pantoja's are some way or another related. Every time I come across someone with the last nam ( Full Answer )