Where have astronauts explored?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Astronauts have travelled to lots of places in space like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin went to the moon and other astronauts have gone to lots of other moons like some of Saturn's moons also astronauts have been to the international space station.

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Q: Where have astronauts explored?
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Where did Apollo 15 reach?

The Moon! The astronauts explored part of what is called "Hadley Rille".

Why has nobody explored Neptune?

it is too far out and it is too cold and astronauts don't have enough oxygen

WHEN HAVE astronauts to exploreD a star?

its impossible to explore stars they're millions of miles away years in fact

How many US astronauts have explored the moon?

12 men in total have walked on the moon and all were from the US.

Which planets have astronauts explored so far?

Humans have only visited the moon so far....sorry to disappoint but we are observers.

Through the work done by astronauts during shuttle missions scientist learn the effects of weightlessness on?

The effects of weightlessness on humans is explored during the work done by astronauts. This helps with advancements in medical and technological fields.

What did the Apollo astronauts do on the moon?

They collected soil, rock, and core samples. They took pictures and video. They set up science experiment packages. They explored.

Why aren't astronauts going to the moon no more?

maybe its becuz it's already been explored and everything.. anyway someone improve this if u find a better answer

How have astronauts explored or gotten information on Jupiter?

no astronaut has ever gotten a chance to step on any planet in our solar system {exept in movies }which is fake} astronauts have only stepped on the moon. but we humans recieved information of jupiter by a probe named galileo that arrived jupiter in 1955.

How many astronauts have died on the moon?

None! Of seven manned Apollo missions to the Moon, using 21 astronauts all together, six missions were successful. Twelve astronauts successfully landed on the Moon, explored it, and returned to earth. Apollo 13 was our greatest successful failure, in that it did not complete its mission but did return its three astronauts. This is all easily researched at I hope this question is from someone very, very young, because it betrays a complete lack of understanding of history.

Why do you think teachers are selected as astronauts?

Because teachers can be in the astronauts and they learned about astronauts and they went to the astronauts team.

What is the prefix for explored?

The prefix of explored is ex-. This prefix means out of.