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Antarctica is a continent. Squid are marine animals. This means that squid live in the Southern Ocean that surrounds the Antarctic continent.


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No. Squid generally live in warmer water, but there are some squid species that live in the Southern Oceans. Antarctica is a continent, and squid prefer life in the water.

Squid are marine creatures that live in oceans that surround Antarctica. Oceans are their natural habitat.

they do Not live in Antarctica so they do not eat anything there!

The deep oceans around antarctica

There is the colossal squid - it's even bigger than the giant squid!

yes there is it is called a colasul squid they live in Antarctica

There are only two types of squid that live in Antarctica: the Colossal Squid and the Giant Squid. I believe they, like whales or seals, have an extra layer of blubber/fat that can protect them from the freezing water temperatures. Any other squid brought into Antarctica would die in minutes, if not seconds.

It really depends on the penguin but most live around the edge of Antarctica, most penguins eat squid, krill and fish

Yes, both squid and octopus are Antarctic sea invertebrates. British exploratory fishing is currently underway for the commercially exploitable squid which live in Antarctic waters. The Colossal Squid provides a food source for Antarctic whales.

because they have other animals to stay with and they like the food such as: krill, squid and fish.:)

Squid do not live in a desert. They are an ocean species.

Antarctica is a continent and squid are sea animals. Antarctic or Colossal Squid make their home in the Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica. Given estimates based on captures of a few animals, their comfort zone in ocean water -- which is always warmer than ambient air around Antarctica -- is between 1K -- 3,300 feet, and 2.2K -- 7,200 feet. These depths are well below the depth of frozen sea ice in the Southern Ocean during winter. It is safe to assume that these animals live here all year 'round.

yes in the antaric zone they feed on Krill and Salmon and Squid, who are main meal for most Antarctic animals.

A squid lives in the oceans.

Yes, they do. They are above krill in the food chain, next to small fish and squid.Yes, they live off the Antarctic continent, where they feed on krill.

squid do live oil in the ocean

Yes, squid live in the ocean. They live very deep under the water.

The piglet squid live 100m to 300m under the sea

No they do not live in Antarctica.

Giant squid can live to about 5 years.

An emperor penguin lives in very cold conditions, such as the Arctic Ocean or Antarctica. Emperor penguins live on the barren coasts of Antarctica, where they breed. They spend much time at sea, feeding on fish and squid.

There are 700,000 Southern Elephant seals that are individuals. they live in the Antarctica. they like to eat squid and fish. they are very rare because they look like elephants.

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