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rolls royce was bombed at the time of the war (also known as bently now)

well im glad i could help oh and a few buildings on queen street to :)

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Q: Where in Crewe was bombed during world war 2?
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Yes, Sofia was bombed and was bombed by the Americans! ;)

Who bombed Darwin during World War 2?

it was bombed by the Japanese in 1942,

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During the second world war the Americans bombed both Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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In World War 2 Germany bombed 2 Japanese cities?

Germany never bombed any Japanese cities during World War 2. They were allied to each other during that war.

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not good

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No Australian city was bombed during WW1.

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Most British cities were bombed during World War 2

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You will have to be more specific. All of the combatants in World War II bombed many cities.

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It was bombed in 1941 during World War II during an air raid on Plymouth.