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Jim Morrison's grave is located in Pere LaChaise, the largest cemetery in Paris. Aside from that of Jim Morrison, one can also view the graves of author Balzac, actress Sarah Bernhardt, Fulgence Bienvenue (creator of Paris's famous Metro), composers Georges Bizet and Frederic Chopin, painter Camille Pissarro, author Oscar Wilde, and about 70,000 other dearly departed souls. Entrance to Pere LaChaise is free and the gates are open from 8:00 a.m. to dusk seven days a week. After dark, you're going to have to scale a rather large wall to get in, which I wouldn't recommend, unless you're just dying (no pun intended) to get a glimpse inside a Parisian jail or get slapped with a hefty fine. For more information about Pere LaChaise, please see the question about the largest park in Paris.

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