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Six Flags Magic Mountain has the most Roller Coasters/lawn ornaments (roller coasters that are standing but not operating). But Ceadar Point has the most operating roller coasters.

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Q: Where in the world are most roller coasters located?
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What state are the most roller coasters located in?

California has the most roller coasters with 78.

Does cedar point have the most roller coasters out of all amusement parks in the world?

It is tied with Canada's Wonderland for the second-most roller coasters in the world, with 16 coasters. Six Flags Magic Mountain has the most in the world with 18 roller coasters.

What are the world's most strongest and the fastest and the scariest roller coasters?

The World's most strongest, the fastest and the scariest roller coasters is the hypersonic roller coaster, the underwater roller coaster, the twister roller coaster, the dinosaur roller coaster and the volcano roller coaster.

How many roller coasters are at cedar point?

Cedar Point currently has 16 roller coasters making it tied with Canada's Wonderland for the second-most roller coasters in the world.

How many roller coasters does the worlds most roller coaster park have?

Cedar Point in Ohio, and Six Flags Magic Mountain in California both have 17 roller coasters each, the most roller coasters at any amusement park in the world.

Where is Vekoma's roller coaster located?

Vekoma is a roller coaster company, and makes hundreds of roller coasters. They are most noted for their boomerangs however, which are located at most parks around the world (such as Sidewinder at Hershey Park or Carolina Cobra at Carowinds).

How do most roller coasters start?

Most roller coasters start with a chain or powered launch.

What is the collective noun for roller coasters?

The noun 'roller coaster' has no standard collective noun since most roller coasters are not in a group. However, a collective noun is an informal part of language. Any noun the fits the situation can function as a collective noun; for example, a scream of roller coasters, a maze of roller coasters, a park of roller coasters, a tour of roller coasters, etc.

What theme park has the most coasters?

Six flags magic mountain has a total of 18 roller coasters, located in los angeles.

What are the most popular Six Flags rides?

The most popular rides at most Six Flags locations are their roller coasters. Specifically, the Riddler's Revenge, Batman, and Superman coasters are typically the most popular roller coasters.

What drives the motion of a roller coaster?

Most roller coasters are propelled by gravity after the initial drop. They are pulled up the initial hill by a chain and then released. There are some roller coasters now that are magnetic launch roller coasters which are propelled by magnets.

How long are roller coasters?

roller coasters are all different times the most of usually around 1-2 minutes long

What features do most roller coasters have?

All roller coasters have at least one hill and one drop. Most roller coasters also have turns as well. Inversions (going upside down) is typical on steel coasters and rare on wooden ones. Their is always some way to start a roller coaster, a chain or hydraulic launch systems are some. Brakes are on every roller coaster as well.

What kinds of breaks are on most roller coasters?

Most roller coasters use trim brakes but more modern ways of breaking methods is by using a magnetic feild

How much rollar coasters are at Canada's Wonderland?

There are 15 roller coasters in Canada's wonderland. The most tallest, biggest roller coaster is The Behemoth.

What are some of the most famous roller coasters in the world?

The most famous roller coaster in the world is The Cyclone at Coney Island in NY. Magic Mountain and The Matterhorn at Disneyland are also famous. Cedar Point in Sandusky OH, IMO, has the four best coasters in the world with the Raptor, The Beast, Millenium Force and Top Thrill Dragster.

Do Teenagers like Roller coasters?

I would say most do but every teenager is different. If there are afraid of heights or motion they will certainly hate roller coasters

Who drives the roller coaster?

No one drives a roller coaster. A roller coaster runs on tracks. Most roller coasters are pulled up an incline by a chain lift and then gravity propels them from there. Some newer roller coasters are using magnets to propel the roller coaster.

Which country has the most roller coasters?

United States

How can roller coasters use fossil fuels?

Most, if not all, roller coasters are powered by electricity. Most electricity is still being generated by burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). As this burning emits carbon dioxide you can clearly say that roller coasters are contributing to global warming by using fossil fuels.

Where is the Corkscrew roller coaster located?

theres probably tons of roller coasters called Corkscrew, but the most famous one is at Cedar Point, In Sandusky, Ohio. it was also the first roller coaster ever to include a corkscrew

Is saw - the ride a silly ride?

No! It's considered one of the most intense, best, and scariest roller coasters in the world

Which Disney park has the most roller coasters?

Disneyland California has the most rides.

Can you bring a camera onto a roller coaster?

some roller coasters will let you but most are not you might get kicked out.

What is the name of the most dangerous roller coaster?

That's a stupid question. Roller coasters are very safe. None can be considered "most dangerous"