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Where is Big Van Vader the Japan wrestling legend?


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2010-04-20 02:23:33
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he is in japan wrestling and he is not a legend

Answerno he is a legend in both japn and wcw in wcw he was a 3 time champ and his maneger was harly race in japan he held the title 7 times

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He is still wrestling, just not for the WWE. He is with New Japan Pro Wrestling now.

No. He quit WWE and went to All Japan Pro Wrestling under the name Big Daddy Voodoo.

The Big Pro Wrestling - 1983 VG was released on: Japan: December 1983 USA: January 1984

Big Van Vader was born on May 14, 1957.

Yes, Big Daddy V is still alive, he is currently wrestling with All Japan Pro Wrestling as Big Daddy Voodoo.As of May 26th, 2011.

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Big Van Vader is 54 years old (birthdate: May 14, 1957).

yup, he now wrestles for the new japan pro wrestling company

No, Big Daddy V isn't dead, he currently wrestles in All Japan Pro Wrestling.*As of July 17th, 2012.

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Big Van Vader was born on May 14, 1957.

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