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Its located in East Afghanistan its also the capital city of Afghanistan and the best place in the world and its where I have come from.

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Is Kabul in Iraq?

No. Kabul is in Aghanistan.

What is Kabul?

What is Afghanistan's capital?

Kabul.Kabul, Afghanistan

River flowing through Kabul?

River Kabul

What is the meaning of Kabul in Persian?

meaning of Kabul in Persian

What is the the capital of Afghanistan?

Afghanistan - Capital: Kabul

How are Kabul and Afghanistan related?

Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan.

What are facts about kabul Afghanistan?

Kabul starts with a letter k.

Is Kabul a country?

Kabul is the capital and largest city of Afghanistan.

When was The Bookseller of Kabul created?

The Bookseller of Kabul was created in 2003.

What is kabul postal code?

Kabul has several post codes

When was Christmas in Kabul created?

Christmas in Kabul was created in 2003.

When was Kabul University created?

Kabul University was created in 1932.

What nation has kabul as a capital?

Kabul is the capital city of Afghanistan.

What is the capital of Kabul that Mirza Hakim ruled in the 16th century?

The capital of Kabul Privince and the country of Afghanistan is the city of Kabul.

Is Kabul a rich country or a poor countrty?

Neither. Kabul is a city. Kabul is the capital city of Afghanistan which is (legally) a poor country.

What is the distance between kabul and Spain?

Kabul/Madrid 3900 miles

Kabul is the capital of this landlocked Asian nation?

Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan.

Is kabul the khyber pass?

No, Kabul is a city near the Khyber pass.

Who killed 25 percent of the world population kabul or pharaoh?


How many pages does The Bookseller of Kabul have?

The Bookseller of Kabul has 276 pages.

Is Cabul same as Kabul in Afghanistan?

cabul is not same as kabul in afghanistan .

Kabul zip code?

i dont know what is zip code kabul

What is the distance from Sydney to Kabul?

Its nearabout 7096 KM from sydeny to Kabul ...

What rivers have the same name as a town or city?

kabul on the bank of river kabul