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To put it simply, once would say that it is located on the web. This means that it is an online school and online schools usually don't have school buildings and classes. They might have administrative office and may be several of them but those offices are not the school. Look up for Online Education and see how it works.

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Q: Where is Nation High School located?
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Where is Timpanogos High School located?

Timpangos High School is located in Utah. The address of the high school is 1450 N 200 E, Orem, Utah 84057. This high school was ranked in the top 6 in the nation.

Is duncanville high school the biggest high school in the nation?

Duncanville High School is the second largest school in the nation.:D ~HUMBERTO

Is nation high school accredited?

is the nation high school diploma fully accredited

When was Nation Ford High School created?

Nation Ford High School was created in 2007.

What is Nation Ford High School's population?

The population of Nation Ford High School is 1,530.

What is the mascot of the Escalon High School Baseball team?

Escalon High School is located in Escalon, California. There baseball team's mascot is the Cougars. The Escalon Cougars are ranked 3,321 in the nation.

Is nation high school a good school?


What is the motto of Pellston High School?

The motto of Pellston High School is 'Icebox of the Nation'.

Where does yung nation go to school?

Duncanville High School.

Are nation high school diplomas legitimate?

Nation High School offers accredited diplomas. I got this link from google

Where is Colony High School located?

Colony High School is located in Ontario, California. Colony High School is a part of the high school district Chaffey Joint Union. Colony High School opened in 2002.

In which state is Liberty High School located?

Liberty High School is located in the state of Pennsylvania in the town of Bethlehem. Liberty High School is a public high school within the Bethlehem School District.