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Q: Where is Pam Ewing on Dallas?
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What happened to Pam Ewing on the final episode of the original dallas?

Not sure.

Who killed Bobby Ewing in Dallas?

Pam's sister, Katherine Wentworth

Was the person who killed bobby Ewing on dallas disguised?

Its was Pam's Sister, Katherine Wentworth

Does bobby Ewing really die in dallas?

No, that whole set of programmes was passed off as a dream.

Who played Pam ewing?

Victoria Principle

What are the release dates for Dallas - 1978 A Ewing Is a Ewing 6-16?

Dallas - 1978 A Ewing Is a Ewing 6-16 was released on: USA: 28 January 1983

The beginning of the eighth season of Dallas brought back what apparently dead character in a shower meaning that the entire previous season was just Pam's dream?

Bobby Ewing

WHAT WAS JR EWING favorite restaurant in Dallas?

What was jr ewing restauraunt

What are the release dates for Dallas - 1978 Ewing vs- Ewing 4-20?

Dallas - 1978 Ewing vs- Ewing 4-20 was released on: USA: 3 April 1981 Belgium: 26 November 1981

Who played JR Ewing's father on Dallas?

John Ross Ewing, Sr. ("Jock Ewing") was played by Jim Davis

Where did Dallas' JR Ewing live?

Southfork Ranch

Ewing family home in Dallas?

South Fork?