Where is Sasuke in naruto shipuden 5?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Most likely Training with orochimaru

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Q: Where is Sasuke in naruto shipuden 5?
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Is Sasuke in Ultimate Ninja 4 Naruto shipuden?

NO DIP!! Yes

Can you unlock Sasuke in Naruto ultimate ninja4?

No you can't unlock Sasuke from naruto shipuden but you can unlock young Sauske in ultimate ninja 4.

What episodes do they show Sasuke in shipuden?

likee episode 50 and 51 when Naruto battles Sasuke the second time

What episode do Sasuke and Sakura kiss in Naruto Shipuden?

As of now, Sakura and Sasuke haven't kissed in Naruto Shippuden (with Sasuke out to kill everyone in Konoha... I doubt that's one of his priorities).

Do Naruto and sakura kiss in Naruto shipuden?

No they don't kiss.Later in the show she confesses that she loves naruto and she hugs him.............but really she still liked sasuke

Did Sakura got married with Sasuke at the end of Naruto shipuden?

No, nor she's even seen Sasuke yet. Come on people don't make your own story please Masashi-san will get upset.

Naruto arena good team with oboru?

oboru, shikumaru, and shipuden naruto. thats what i like to use or... oboru, jirobou, and shipuden naruto one of those.

When does naruto shipuden come out?

its out T.T

What is Naruto shipuden?

Naruto Shippuden is a Japanese Anime and Manga.

When will Naruto shippuden Ultimate Ninja 5 come?

when is Naruto Shipuden Ultimate Ninja 5 coming. maybe maybe not because japan has declared naruto a finished series.

Is there a season after naruto shipuden?

Not so far

What is Kakuzu name in Naruto Shipuden?