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Where is Smeargle in Pokemon LeafGreen?

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Sorry, you can't get Smeargle in Pokemon Leafgreen. All you can do is trade from one of the Hoenn games, like Sapphire, Ruby, or Emerald. :(

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you can't get smeargle in leaf green, you have to trade a smeargle from Pokemon Emerald and Ruby, before you can show the lady on 5 island a smeargle. if you can't trade one then you can't finish your quest.

you cannot get him on leafgreen or firered you have to trade from emerald or a gamecube Pokemon game like xd

u can;t trade it from ruby sapphire or emerald

In LEafgreen,threr are some Pokemon that your opponent can have but you cant have like teddyursa, marreep, smeargle, even oddish!!!!

you do something in the game (i forgot what) and Pokemon from the emerald safari zone appear + smeargle in the outcast island cave

Smeargle is a Normal type pokemon.

No, Smeargle is not a Legendary Pokémon.

Enter a double-battle with smeargle and a Pokemon with spore. Have that Pokemon use spore and have smeargle use sketch on him/her.

Catching Smeargle in Leaf GreenYou cannot catch Smeargle in Leaf Green, but you can catch him in Emerald at the battle frontier. Answergo to the Pokemon guil then turn left until you see a cave use dig in front og=f the cave to get to the smergal cave all smergal all the time

Smeargle, the artist Pokemon, can be caught in Pokemon Pearl by using the Poke Radar on Route 212 (closer to Hearthome City side). The same area for catching Smeargle applies to Pokemon Diamond.

It is the one place where you can find rare Pokemon.AnswerApparently, once you start using Mystery Gift/Event in Pokemon LeafGreen, rare Pokemon start appearing in Altering Cave. Pokemon such as Smeargle can be found there and nowhere else in the game. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you have e-reader you can find some rare pokemons

Smeargle cannot be captured in firered to get one trade one from emerald or colosseum.

At first only Zubat are found there, but using Mystery Gift with other players unlocks: Mareep Aipom Pineco Shuckle Teddiursa Houndour Stantler Smeargle

Smeargle is #235 in the national pokedex, and it is a Normal type Pokemon.

Yes you can trade leafgreen version Pokemon to another leafgreen version.

You can find Smeargle in route 212 using the Poke Radar.

No, Smeargle does not have an evolution. It's a one-stage Pokemon, meaning it has no evolutions or pre-evolutions.

Nope. But he is really cool. Every ten levels he learns sketch which then can be used to teach him literally any move.

Smeargle because it HAS ONE ATTACK

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