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It is located in Greece. It is a war like city-state and is famous for begin prepared for battle.

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What is Sahara desert landforms?

sparta, sparta and SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you say this is Sparta in German?

This is Sparta! = Dies ist Sparta!

Is this Sparta blasfamy or madness?

Sparta, this is most definitly Sparta!

What did the flag of ancient Sparta look like?

This is the Sparta flag..... The sparta flag is a blue flag with a Sparta warriors head on it......

How so you say this is Sparta in German?

This is Sparta = Das hier ist Sparta

What enemies did Athens and Sparta have?

Athens was enemies with Sparta and Sparta was enemies with Athens

What continent is Sparta in?

Sparta is in Europe

Who is better athens or sparta?


What government does Sparta have?

Sparta was an oligarchy.

Was Xerxes for Athens or Sparta?


Who had an assembly Athens or Sparta?


What was the importance of Sparta?

What was the importance of Sparta

Where Sparta and Athens enemys?

Yes, because Sparta and Athens were once allies but then Athens turned on Sparta and Sparta responded with war.

What nouns describe Sparta?

A noun used to describe another noun is called an attributive noun (or noun adjunct).Examples of nouns that may describe Sparta are:dominion Spartaisland Spartastate Spartawarrior Sparta

Which is better athen or Sparta?

Sparta, Sparta was more well ran and had a better army

What empire did Sparta rule?

Sparta did not rule an empire. Sparta was a Greek city-state.

Where is the Sparta Public Library in Sparta located?

The address of the Sparta Public Library is: 211 West Broadway Street, Sparta, 62286 1634

Where is the Sparta Free Library in Sparta located?

The address of the Sparta Free Library is: 124 W. Main St., Sparta, 54656 0347

What form of government did Sparta have?

Sparta had oligarchy

Metics belonged who Athens or Sparta?


This is Sparta?

Sparta was a small but powerful nation

Was the Sparta Girls who was trained in gymnastics?


Where helots located in the Athens or Sparta?


What lands did Sparta own?

Only Sparta.

What landforms were in Sparta?

what land forms were in Sparta