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It is made in China.

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Q: Where is Tabletops unlimited dinnerware made?
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What company makes Misto dinnerware?

I'm guessing TableTops Unlimited (TTU.) Likely a container/direct import program with a large retailer, etc. TTU usually doesn't sell some of these custom products direct to consumer, only through retailers/distributors.

How much must one spend to get free shipping from Tabletops Unlimited?

For an online order to qualify for free shipping from Tabletops Unlimited, one's order must cost at least 75 dollars. This 75 dollars is the cost before taxes.

Is Ambrosia dinnerware made of Stoneware or earthenware?

According to, their ambrosia dinnerware is made from stoneware.

Where can someone view tabletops gallery?

There are various places where you can view tabletops gallery. Amazon, Ebay, Overstock are a selection of websites where you are able view tabletops.

Whats fancy dinnerware?

Fancy dinnerware is defined as dishes, flatware, and glassware. They are often made of silver and crystal.

Is dinnerware made from recycled products like the West Elm glass more expensive than similar new products?

Dinnerware made from recycled products are normally less exspensive.

What type of rock is used to make floors and tabletops?

Granite, which is an igneous rock, is commonly used for floors and tabletops.

I inherited a dinnerware set from a great aunt and it is missing some pieces. Where is a good place to find additional pieces of a dinnerware pattern?

Replacements Unlimited is the best place to find exactly what you are looking for. If they can't get what you need then you are probably going to have great difficulty getting it. On the web you can find them at

How durable are the Apilco dinnerware?

Apilco dinnerware is very durable, which gives it its high prices. Apilco dinnerware is made from pure porcelain, using five raw materials often used in making porcelain objects: kaolin, sable, feldspath, argile, and craie.

What is the best dinnerware set for Thanksgiving?

Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware Set - 16 pc. would be a a great dinnerware set for a fancy party.

What is plastic dinnerware called?

Plastic cutlery and dinnerware? :')

Is oneida dinnerware made in the us?

No. The last USA manufacturing plant closed in 2005.