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save mr.fuji from Pokemon tower top floor and get the poke Flute

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What do you do after you get the poke flute in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Mr. Fuji will give it to you after you rescue him from the Pokemon Tower.

How do you get poke flune in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You get the poke flute from mr fuji by talking to him after you rescue him in Pokemon tower in lavender town

How do you get past snorlax in pokemon leafgreen?

You will first get the poke flute and then use it to Snorlax.

How do you get pass Snorlax in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You need the Poke Flute to get past Snorlax. You get the Poke Flute after rescuing Mr. Fuji from Team Rocket at the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town.

Where do you get get the poke flute in LeafGreen?

you get it after saving Mr. fuji in Pokemon tower (where all the ghosts are)

On pokemon leafgreen how do you move Snorlax?

You have to use the Poke Flute, which you get after defeating Team Rocket at the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town.

Is the poke flute the same as the blue flute in Pokemon SoulSilver?

The Poke Flute wakes up sleeping Pokemon, and was a key item in Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed, and LeafGreen. It could be used in or out of battle. The Blue Flute, however, as far as I can tell, only wakes up one Pokemon. I hope this helped.

Where do you find the Poke Flute in Pokemon Red?

You can find the Poke Flute in the Pokemon Tower. After you free Mr. Fuji, he will give you the Poke Flute.

What do you do after you get a poke flute in LeafGreen?

Go to the place where a sleeping pokemon/snorlax is blocking your way then play the flute, snorlax will be awaken then fight it then catch it

Where is the poke flute in Pokemon Gold?

The poke flute is actually your radio.

HOW DO YOU get the poke'flute in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The Poke flute is at item that you need to wake up Snorlax. To get the flute you have to beat Team rocket in the Silph Co building.

Where is the poke flute in Pokemon pearl?

If by poke flute you mean Azure flute? You can only get that by Action Replay.

How do you wake Snorlax in leafgreen?

got to him then play the poke flute

Where is the poke flute on Pokemon LeafGreen?

you get it in the tower in lavender town when you help the old guy that is being attacked.From Mr. Fujiyou have to get him from the top of the Pokemon tower

Where do you get poke flute on Pokemon Silver?

There is no Poke Flute item in Pokemon Silver. Instead, the player can have their radio upgraded in Lavender Town. It will then play a station that can play the Poke Flute tune.

How do you wake Snorlax up from his sleeping in Pokemon LeafGreen?

1.find the poke-flute. 2.get it 3.go to snorlax 4.stand next to it 5.select the poke-flute from the items pocket 6.click use 7.trainer will play the poke-flute 8.snorlax will wake up

How do you get snorelax in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Hi. To get a snorelax you need a Poke flute and use it on a sleeping snorlax in your way and you can run'batle, or cach. Hop this helps.:)

How do you get the Snorlax out of the way to go to fushia city in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You need to get the poke flute which can be obtained from Mr Fuji after you save him from Team Rocket.

How do you use the pokemon flute in hg on party pokemon?

you cant use a poke flute on party pokemon

Where can you get a Azure Flute in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Nowhere it doesn't exist in leafgreen.

Pokemon LeafGreen how to get the poke flute?

rescue the grandpa in the haunted tower in lavender town then he will bring you to hiss house and talk to him and he'll give you one

How do you move the slowpoke on LeafGreen?

You can't. You go to Lavender Town and help Mr.Fugi in the Pokemon tower,but you need the Silph Scope and then he gives you the poke flute

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