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it is in the water

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Q: Where is agnathans habitat?
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What is the main difference between Agnathans and Chondrichthyes?

agnathans are jawless fish where as chondrichthyes are known for their jaws

How much do agnathans weigh?

Agnathan means a jawless fish. There are many different types of agnathans, and each one has a different weight.

Lampreys and hagfishes are the only remaining?


What is the scientific name of agnathans?

That is the scientific designation for " jaw-less fish. "

What are some adaptations of agnathans?

parasitism, pineal (sp?)(third eye).

What feature of agnathans evolved into jaws in early jawed fishes?

Gill supports

Is a hagfish a ectotherm?

Yes , since a hagfish is a Agnathan and all Agnathans are ectothermic .

What has the author Victor Voichyshyn written?

Victor Voichyshyn has written: 'The early Devonian armoured agnathans of Podolia, Ukraine =' -- subject(s): Fossil Agnatha, Paleontology

How do angnatha breathe?

Respiratory system Agnathans are characterized by seven pairs of gill pouches. The bronchial arches supporting the gill pouches lie close to the body surface.

The place where an organism usually lives?

In a habitat

The place where an organism lives is called its?

habitat, niche, environment are all used to describe this.

A is the place where a population lives?

it is a habitat