Where is chlorophyll located in a plant?


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In chloroplasts, organelles that capture energy from sunlight and use it to produce food for the cell.

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Chlorophyll is located in the Chloroplast.

Its located in the leaf of the plant

It is located in the stroma of a plant cell.

chlorophyll is located and produced in the chloroplasts in plant cells; plants do not 'get' chlorophyll, they produce it themselves.

All plant cells contain chlorophyll. It is located in the chloroplast.

Chlorophyll is located in the chloroplasts of plant cells specifically. They are green because they are reflected that color.

They are located in the thylakoids, which are in chloroplasts in the mesophyll cells of a leaf. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chlorophyll is green therefore it is located in the green parts of a plant.

Just like any plant the chlorophyll are located in the leaves. That is what gives the leaves their green color.

In organelles called chloroplasts. The chloroplasts are located within the cytoplasm of plant cells.

There is no exact location. It is in cytoplasm

In the Chloroplasts in the Cytoplasm.

In the chloroplast of a plant cell, specifically in the thylakoids of grana.

Chlorophyll, located in the chloroplast, turns a plant green

Chlorophyll in the chloroplasts located in the leaves

The structure in a plant that produces chlorophyll is the chloroplast. The chlorophyll causes the plant to turn green.

Chlorophyll is necessary for photosynthesis. It is located in the chloroplast and helps the plant with photosynthesis by helping the plant trap in sunlight. Without this, the plant would struggle to photosynthesize properly. Hope this helps :D

In a plant cell, the chlorophyll is found in the mesophyll tissue, which contains the chloroplasts. Inside the chloroplasts are structures called thylakoids where the chlorophyll pigment is housed.

Chlorophyll is what is found in the plant to make it green.. chlorophyll is green and that is where plants get their green coloring.

Yes they are in chloroplasts. In chloroplasts.they are in thylakoid membranes.

Yes, a plant cell has chlorophyll, which is inside the chloroplast.

Chlorophyll is what makes a plant green, and it is also what helps the plant make food for itself.

located in he chlorophyll of an atom.

In photosynthesis, sunlight is absorbed by the chlorophyll. Chlorophyll, being already a part of the plant, does not enter the plant in photosynthesis.

They are in chloroplasts. They are used for photosynthesis

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