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they are bove the ozone layer

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Q: Where is cirrus clouds located in the atmosphere?
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Is the Cirrus cloud highest in the Earth's atmosphere?

That's right, cirrus clouds are the highest clouds.

What layer of the atmosphere are cirrus clouds in?

in the troposphere

What layer in the atmosphere Are cirrus clouds in?

in the troposphere

What type of clouds are very high in the atmosphere?


Does cirrus clouds form in an unstable atmosphere?

no but sume times

Where are cirrus clouds found in the atmosphere?

in the high region of the troposphere

Is it likely to rain when there are cirrus clouds in the sky?

No, the weather is likely to be nice when cirrus clouds are present. Cirrus clouds tend to form high in the atmosphere and present as thin or wispy. However, if many cirrus clouds are present in the sky, it may indicate a change of weather soon, such as an approaching storm.

Which clouds look like curly wisps of hair?

Cirrus clouds, specifically cirrus uncinus clouds, can resemble curly wisps of hair. These high-altitude clouds form in the upper atmosphere and often have a thin, delicate appearance with distinct curly or wispy strands.

What kind of clouds form low in the atmosphere?

stratus and cirrus

Where do stratus cumulus and cirrus clouds form?

in the sky

What are feather like clouds called?

High, wispy clouds are generally categorized as cirrus clouds.

What clouds are formed high in the atmosphere?

The highest clouds are polar mesospheric clouds, which, at heights from 76,000 to 85,000 m (altitude) are much higher than other types of clouds, such as cirrus and cumulonimbus. Cumulonimbus can exceptionally reach 23,000 m at the very top of a peaked formation, but these clouds normally form mainly within the 2,000 to 16,000 m range. Cirrus clouds, at a maximum height of about 18,000 m in tropical zones, are also much lower than polar mesosphericclouds.