Where is copernicium found?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Copernicium is an artificial chemical element.

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Q: Where is copernicium found?
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Where is copernicium found in our universe?

Copernicium is an artificial chemical element.

Where can copernicium be found?

Only in nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry laboratories; copernicium is an artificial chemical element.

What are some common compounds or mixtures copernicium is found in?

A compound of copernicium was not obtained experimentally up today; only predictions exist.

What is the color of copernicium?

The color of copernicium is not known.

What are some important uses for copernicium?

Copernicium has no uses.

What are made from copernicium?

Copernicium hasn't practical uses.

How many protons are in copernicium?

Copernicium has 112 protons.

How many protons does copernicium have?

Copernicium has 112 protons.

Is copernicium a gas?

It is supposed that copernicium is a transition metal.

How many valence electrons does copernicium?

Each isotope of copernicium has a different number of neutrons: 165, 169, 170, 171, 172, 173.

What is the chemical symbol for copernicium?

The chemical symbol of copernicium is Cn.

Is copernicium a liquid?

It is supposed, from theory, that copernicium is a transition metal. Some scientists predicted that copernicium will be strange gaseous metal.