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Where is corin ames now?

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I found this on her fan page on facebook posted Jan 2012

Corin Ames

Hey everyone! Started a new venture! Total Image (Burlington, ON, Mapleview Mall) Salon and Spa... Yes I said Salon. If anyone is in the area and needs a great cut come check out some of my girls work! Thank you for always supporting me where ever life takes me ♥ ♥

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How tall is Corin Pinky Ames?

corin "pinky" ames was having an affair with mike holmes

Where is corin pinky ames from Holmes on homes now?

She moved to Hollywood and is in adult films.

Is mike Holmes in a relationship with corin ames?

No, He has three children, and is married.

What is Corin Ames doing after Holmes on Homes?

She has opened a salon in the Toronto area

Why is Corin Ames no longer on Holmes on Homes?

She left the show when they were in New Orleans, she wanted to be with family.

Who is corin ames?

She is the female who is also known as "Pinky" due to the fact she almost always wears pink workwear of some sort.

Why did Corin Ames leave the show Holmes on Homes?

Because Damon from Holmes in New Orleans pushed her past her working limit while building a home for a resident.

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