Where is fuel return line?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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there is no fuel return line on any sienna. the pressure is regulated at the pump and any excess fuel is dumped into the tank directly.

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Q: Where is fuel return line?
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Which is the fuel line and which is the return line?

need to no the fuel delivery line on 89 chevy truck fuel pump

Does the fuel return line need to be submerged in fuel in the tank?

No, Only the supply line has to be submerged in fuel.

Where is the return fuel line on a 93 Saturn SL2?

the fuel return line is on your fuel rail. it is part of the Pressure regulator assembly. Please view my Bio for access to my Saturn help site. in the fuel folder, go to Fuel pressure lines. the return line is highlited in green for you

Is there a return fuel line on a 1975 Chevrolet truck with a 2 barrel carburetor 350?

No, there is no return line. Because of the low pressure of fuel systems on carberated vehicles, there is no need for a return line.

Had clogged fuel inlet line need to know if there is a check valve or anything in the return line or is it free flow back to the fuel tank?

A fuel return line should flow freely back to the tank. There may be a check valve on the fuel return line that prevents backflow from the tank to the regulator.

Does a unleaded fuel injected car have a return line to the fuel tank?

Put simply. Yes it does. The fuel return line comes off the bottom of the fuel pressure regulator and heads back to the fuel tank.

Does a Chrysler 300m have a fuel return line?


Do all autos have a return fuel line as well as input line?


Which line is the supplyreturn line on a 1996 Chevy pickup?

The fuel supply line is usually larger in diameter than the fuel return line.

Where is the fuel return line on a 1989 Toyota 22re?

need photo of return fuel line off motor from a 89' toyota p.u.4x4 with a 22RE motor

Location of fuel regulator 2004 Chevy Impala?

Both types have a vacuum line running to them: On the 3.8 engine it is on the fuel injector rail (Metal Fuel Line) near the return line. On the 3.4 motor the fuel return line is mounted to one side of the regulator and it is attached to the fuel rail on the other side.

1988 Chevy Celebrity 2.8 liter fuel injection your car does not stay started inless you remove the fuel return line what is your problem?

There is a pressure regulator on the fuel rail, it regulates the fuel pressure to about 45 lbs/ Excess gasoline is sent back to the fuel tank via that return line. If the return line is somehow blocked or plugged up then the excess fuel might cause flooding thus the engine would die. I assume that when you loosen the return line it leaks fuel out?