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The idle speed sensor tells the onboard computer how fast your engine is idling. The location of the idle speed sensor on the VW Jetta is on the actual throttle body.

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Q: Where is idle speed sensor for vw jetta 96?
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What is the meaning of obd code p0501 for a 96 jetta?

Trouble code P0501 means: Vehicle Speed Sensor A Range/Performance

How is engine speed controlled on a vehicle?

96 and new vehicles use air idle control valve, idle air control sensor, or something to the nature

How do you replace heater core 96 jetta?

see the answer for how do you replace heater core 96 jetta its the same good luck and god speed

What happens when a speed sensor goes out in a Dodge Intrepid 96?

often times a rough idle can occur, in addition the speedometer and cruise control will not work.

How do you adjust the idle on a 96 Plymouth Breeze 2.0 Liter?

The idle speed is computer controlled and is not adjustable.

Where's the oil dipstick in a 96 jetta?

Volkswagen Jetta's produced in 1996 do not have dipsticks. To check the fluid levels one will need to take out the speedometer sensor.

Where is the speed sensor on a 96 Nissan pickup?

Its mounted on the transmission.

Where is the speed sensor on 96 pathfinder 3.3?

on top of the transfer case

Where Is The Speedometer Cable On A 96 Accord?

There is no cable its electronic speed sensor

How do you adjust the idle speed on a 96' Honda Civic LX?

The idle speed on a 1996 Honda Civic is adjusted using an IACV. The IACV, or idle air control valve, lowers and raises the idle by either being tighten or loosen.

Where is the throttle body sensor on a 96 ram 1500?

The throttle position sensor, map sensor and idle air control valve are all located on the throttle body.

What is wrong if a 1996 Ford Mustang 5.0 dies when slowing down and depressing clutch but not at normal idle if you replaced EGR mass IAC speed sensor?

they don't make a 5.0 in 96

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