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Can you pop fireworks year round

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yes if it is legal pop them in your state

Placews where there is not a lot of vegetation

no. the laws are the same everyday

It is legal to shoot off small fireworks all year long but like the artillery shells u will get a fine.

18 to be a manager 16 to help out

where can we go to pop fireworks in san antonio

Firecrackers are legal in the UK but fireworks are not Legal. So you can bye fireworks in the UK but not firecrackers.

are fireworks legal in redlands ca

It depends on the laws that govern the area where the fireworks would be popped. Most large cities in the United States, for example, do not allow the use of fireworks at any time without a permit.

In Iowa, the only fully-legal fireworks are sparklers, snakes and smoke bombs. It is legal to possess other fireworks, but not to set them off.

Yes they are legal to purchase

Fireworks are illegal in every state, but only thing permitted is sparklers. Any fireworks can be legal to display/light if you have Pyrotechnic License.

In the state of Oregon, pop-its are legal to possess. Fireworks that fly, explode or go off more than 12 inches in the air are illegal to possess or to set off.

Panama City prefers that you leave fireworks to the professionals.

If fireworks are legal in your state than yes, I am pretty sure they do.

this is a statement, not a question

Fireworks are meant for celebrations and fun! you can bring them to the party if legal in your state, but be careful you can get burnt.

You can buy them on AMAZON.COM

There are many cities, in which you are not allowed to light fireworks. Check with your local city office to see if you can light fireworks in your city.

No where in Houston (with the exception of novelty items - 1.4G are prohibited). The Fire Marshals offise provides maps, regulations and up to date information.

Some fireworks are legal, this may exclude mortar shells, cakes, repeaters, or anything that shoots flaming balls into the atmosphere with report.

I am pretty sure they are but i think it depends on what kind of fireworks, when they are used, what they are used for, and where they are shot.