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Q: Where is poseidon when Athena appeals to Zeus on mt.Olympus?
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Where is Poseidon when Athena appeals to Zeus on Mt. Olympus?

watching odysseus

How is Athena related to Poseidon?

Poseidon and Zeus are brothers. Athena is Zeus' daughter. Therefore, Athena is Poseidon's niece.

Did Athena have a crush on Poseidon?

No Poseidon did not have a crush on Athena. Athena was the niece of Poseidon, her father was Zeus the brother of Poseidon. Athena was a virgin goddess.

Are Poseidon and Athena related?

Yes. Athena was a child of Zeus and Zeus was Poseidon's brother.

What is Athena and Posidon's relationship like?

Poseidon is Athena's uncle. Athena is the daughter of Zeus, and Poseidon is Zeus's brother.

Who is Poseidon to Athena?

In Greek mythology when Athena is the daughter of Zeus, Poseidon being the brother of Zeus, is her uncle. However, myths exist which make Poseidon the grandfather of Athena when she is the daughter of his son Triton, or Poseidon is the father of Athena when her mother is Tritonis or Polyphe.

Is Poseidon in love with Athena?

No; in some myths Poseidon is the father of Athena, and Zeus her adopted father.

Does goddess Athena have an uncle?

Yes, they are Hades and Poseidon because Athena was born from Zeus's head, and Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus are brothers. So Athena is basically their niece.

What enemies did Poseidon have?

Poseidon's enemies were Cronus, his father, Athena, and Zeus

Who was Athena father?

Athena's father was Zeus, the god of lightning, heavens, and probably more.

Is Athena a main god along with Poseidon Hades and Zeus?

Athena is not one of the Elder Three gods, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon, but she is one of the Twelve Olympians. By the way, Athena is a goddess, not a god.

Who were Athena's uncles?

Athena's father was Zeus so her uncles were Hades and Poseidon.