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Revelation 8:4 (KJV) - And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of the angel's hand.

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Q: Where is prayer last mentioned in the Bible?
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How many times is prayer mentioned int the bible?

Prayer is mentioned throughout the Bible as a way to talk to God. Prayer is mentioned about 650 times in one way or another.

Where is prayer mentioned in the bible?

You need to give more detail. But prayer is mentioned through out the Bible very often, especially in the Book of the Acts.

What Chapter in the Bible Can you find the Rosary Prayer?

The Rosary is not mentioned in the Bible.

Number of times prayer mentioned in the bible?

63 times.

How many times is lord's prayer mentioned in the Bible?

2 times

How many times is prayer mentioned in the Bible?

In the King James Version, the word "prayer" appears 114 times.

Is a last will and testament mentioned in the bible?


Where in the bible did samson prayed his last prayer?

Samson prayed his last prayer in the land of the Philistines, more specifically, in the temple of Dagan.

Who was the last prophet of the bible?

John the Baptist was a prophet, but the last prophet mentioned in The Bible is Jesus Christ.

How many times prayer mentioned in acts?

I'm not sure but in the whole Bible its only mentioned 114 times. IN acts in the first 4 chapters its only mentioned twice.

When was the first time prayer was mentioned in the bible?

The word prayer is forst seen in the Bible in 1 Samuel 2:1 Although other versions of the Bible may have a different answer. Other people Before 1 Samuel 2:1 in the Bible communicated with God but it does not say if it was through prayer, meditation or other form of communication.

When was the word remember last mentioned in the bible?

new testanment