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not yet; they're still working on it. i really hope it wont take too long!

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โˆ™ 2011-10-18 16:24:10
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Q: Where is roll top laptop for sale by Sony?
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Where is roll top laptop for sale?

This is still a concept

Would a roll top desk be good for a laptop?

Roll top desk is best for laptop , I would say. You could Work during the day, roll down the top and all the work stuff disappears and at the same time you can use it for your laptop.

What are the top 5 rated laptop computers?

The top rated Laptop computers are made by App, Sony, Microsoft, Acer, and Dell.

Is roll top laptop launched in market?

Not yet. Waiting for the same

Where is the best place to research top rated notebooks?

You can visit for Laptop reviews. They review laptop with detail. You can also find some best laptop by searching them on in Dell or Sony websites.

What is the standard warranty for a Sony laptop computer?

The standard variety for a SONY lap top computer is one year. This is the warranty for Dell as well. Apple's might be the same, but it could last longer.

What is that rectangle shape on the top of your laptop?

I do not have a laptop and so there is no rectangle shape on the top of my laptop!

What companies are offering desktop deals?

Best Buy lists a plethora of desktops that are on sale on their website. Top brands are on sale such as HP, Gateway, Toshiba, Sony, Acer, and even Apple.

Quality Roll top desks for sale?

Sears and Amazon have some amazing high quality roll top desktops in at the moment. They come in various designs and colors to match your home. There are some lovely models for about $250.

Are Vaio laptops good quality?

Sony has been a leader in technology for a number years. The Vaio laptop can be customized with top of the line products and the most innovative, fastest processors. They are of great quality and are backed by an icon, sony.

When launch roll top?

The rolltop laptop, by Orkin Design,Êis still in the research and developement stage of production. It is not known at this time when or if it will be released.

What are some Black Friday laptop deals?

There are many lap top deals on black friday. You can usually find every kind of laptop on sale this day but you have to be there early because the deals are almost cut in half.

What is the top laptop computer of the year?

The top laptop will vary based on who you ask. According to PC Mag, the top laptop of 2011 was the Asus Zenbook for its affordability and high performance.

What do you call the thing that keeps dropping down at the top of your sony VAIO laptop?

That 'thing' is called a Vaio Gate. You can put programs on it, as a kind of display board. It comes with your Vaio.

Which lap top is better dell 5521 or Sony E15137CN?

Between the Dell 5521 and the Sony E15137CN, it appears that the Dell is the better laptop. Based on the specs, the Dell has a larger hard drive, has 2gb more memory, and can use up to an i7 chipset.

What are the top rated laptop computers?

One laptop to look at is the Apple Mac Pro book. This is one of the best laptops out there today. But if you don't have the budget for it, you can try the windows based laptops like Sony, Acer, Toshiba and HP. They're also good.

Can you damage your laptop by using cordless mouse on top of your laptop?

Why would you use a cordless mouse on top of your laptop? That's kind of a weird idea...

Can you shoot photo from your laptop?

Yes, if you have a camera on the top of your Laptop.

What company makes the highest rated laptop computers?

In 2009, Dell led the way in both laptop sales and customer satisfaction. Sony, Toshiba, and smaller outfit Alienware rounded out the top 4. Shop around, as it's a buyer's marker for laptops these days.

Who brought rock n roll to the top?

Elvis brought rock 'n' roll to the top.

Where are the best quality laptops for sale?

On the look for a new laptop? has the best prices I have found anywhere. No matter what kind of tasking you need for the new laptop, you can find it here. Not only are their prices great, but the customer service is top notch.

What is fullform of laptop?

since we keep on top of our lap it called as laptop

What is meant by top rated laptop computers?

A top rated laptop computer is usually a laptop that has received some of the best reviews out of comparable systems. It can also refer to a laptop that has some of the best available technology.

What are the top selling laptop providers?

The top selling laptop providers are hp, mac, acer, asus, toshiba, and dell.

Will the Kenneth Cole Briefcase hold a laptop?

Kenneth Cole Reaction Laptop Bag, Leather Double-Gusset Zip-Top,Kenneth Cole Reaction Laptop Tote, Triple-Gusset Zip-Top,Kenneth Cole Reaction Laptop Tote, Single-Gusset Zip-Top are some of the models those can hold lap top.