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It is in the outer part of the national park

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Q: Where is soothe bell found in soul silver?
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Were do you find a soothe bell on Pokemon soul silver if you got rid of the other one?

you can not get a soothe bell agin sory

Where can you get a smoohe bell in Pokemon soul silver?

The Soothe Bell is located in the National park.

Where is soothe bell in soul silver?

it is in the national park inside the fences

How do you get a tidal bell in soul silver?

no todal bell found

How do you get sooth bell in Pokemon soul silver?

go to national park and towards the back u wil find a item that is the soothe bell

What level does riolu evolve in soul silver?

it evolves with friendship you amateur, give it a soothe bell, that should help.

How do you get max happiness on soul silver?

walk around with your Pokemon, talk to them, give them a soothe bell to speed it up

How do you make riolu happy in soul silver?

there are multiple ways the best way is having it hold the soothe bell and walk with it and keep talking to it

Where is the soothebell in Pokemon SoulSilver?

WHEn you get the dowsing machine go to the national park in soul silver and the soothe bell is behind the fence closest to the entrance to route 36.

How do you make your Pokemon happy in soul silver?

there are 2 ways how to: 1.Give it a soothe bell and walk with it ant keep talking to it 2. Keep leveling it up

How do you get the smooth bell in soul silver?

In the game

How will you know when Eevee is happy enough to evolve in Pokemon soul silver?

talk to your eevee if it gives you a hug it should evolve plus if you want to speed up this proccess use a soothe bell

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